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Ejections 170-71 – National Anthem Standoff Between Robbie Ray & Luke Weaver Earn Pre-Game Ejections

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HP Umpire Adrian Johnson ejected Mariners and Royals pitchers Robbie Ray and Luke Weaver for delaying the start of the game by failing to leave the field following the national anthem, an illegal standoff. Report:


Although 3B Umpire Marvin Hudson was crew chief, these ejections are charged, presently, to UIC Johnson.

Also included is a quick review of similar prior anthem standoffs in baseball, including the infamous Dodgers-Cardinals 2013 postseason standoff which led to the Greg Gibson the home plate umpire lore, as well as more recent instances between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and also Miami and Detroit.

The NCAA (college) and NFHS (high school) instructions for anthem standoffs are also cited, including the ejection or restriction (after warning) penalty for continued delay and/or failure to comply with an umpire’s order to do or refrain from doing something affecting the administration of the game.


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  1. Don't need a specific rule for an ejection! It's called unsportsmanlike conduct and or making a mockery of the game!

  2. This is a classic case of too much power to the umpires, all this is a playful standoff between two friends, why couldn’t the umpire just go up to the two players and say can you just move along, probably would have been complied with no ejections

  3. What a stupid rule. what's the point of Let the Kids play if MLB Is not gonna let players have fun but Instead Ejecting them for doing it. WTF MLB

  4. This is such an immature use of "patriotism" – using a false devotion for one upmanship. Doltish!

  5. Should've ejected then physically remove them off the field at the same time, then announce that the standoff is a "No Decision" and announce to begin the game.

  6. Nothing funny about this. Freaking ridiculous. Easy fix. Eject the players and the manager, and fine all and watch how the BS stops.

  7. I had no idea this was not the first time this has happened. Fucking retarded. I would fine and suspend any player doing something this stupid to get thrown out of a game.

  8. Why not go the other way? Let them stand out there for 6, 7 hours, delaying the game. See how long before teammates and fans get sick of their you-know-what getting in the way of what they're really there for. They'll stop doing it real quick when they know the result is Yadier or Miggy coming down to give them a smack on the head for wasting their time.

  9. 7.03 Forfeited Games (a) A game may be forfeited to the opposing team when a team: (2) Employs tactics palpably designed to delay or shorten the game

  10. Ejection here seems a little much. You can’t eject them for this, just go over and give warning or delay of game!!

  11. 1. Don't call this a "no fun" ump. He'd likely get in trouble if he didn't eventually do something and let the game start. Take issue with MLB if you don't like it, but leave the ump alone on this one.
    2. I do think they could just let them stand there for the game, but that could get out of hand really fast.
    3. 2:17 This is not a sportsmanship issue at heart, like High School(?) paints it to be. Ignoring the umps–yes, that's a sportsmanship issue. But staring each other down? Do schools stop staring contests during lunch because it's intimidating?

  12. But it's cool and funny to disrespect the "Anthem" in this manner? Please miss me with the, " but the song is over" crap

  13. The umpire just needs to yell "It's a fucking draw! No one wins!!" to that staredown or whatever it is contest, and I'm actually glad to see a thumb go up when they don't comply.

  14. Just eject both players the minute this nonsense starts. One warning and you're gone. So dumb.

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