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Elden Ring: Lvl 40 to 100+ NEW BEST RUNE FARM – Earn Millions Of Runes Fast & Easy – Rune Farm Guide

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Amazing Rune Farming Method For level 40 to 100+ players in Elden Ring.
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  1. This is crap i would rather go back to farum greatbridge and get 1.3k per enemy and they are 1 tap each instead of trying to find 30 guys at once 🤦‍♂️

  2. my saviour, I can't do the 500k rune glitch cuz I killed the fucking npc by accident, I'll try this instead

  3. I enjoyed using a staff for this instead. Was at lvl 50 and my last rune farming spot was going slow so this helped a lot. Thanks 🙏

  4. NEW BEST RUNE FARM but you spend most of the video talking about your weapon…. thanks for wasting my time…

  5. The boulder farm as absolutely horrible for myself.. I'll get it to work maybe 2/10 tries.. lol

  6. I use to farm there but it gets slow quickly. They do drop smiting stones though

  7. So there's no links to any of these guides that this guy said he put in the description…

  8. There is place in cailed fully with enemies each one gives you 1k runes so you can get 30k each 5 min the time need to kill them all my weapon is bloodhound fang +9 and i am lvl 80 i don't know if there is other places like this yet.

  9. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm mid 40s, have the gold scarab, but the basic minions aren't event dropping 400 runes. Did this get nerfed?

  10. He starts with 136,724 runes and ends with 155,559 giving him 18,835 for that run. With gold foot it'll give 24,485.5. So if you can do it in 2 min without gold foot you're looking at less than 10000 a minute. Over two minutes… well… it becomes less efficient than other methods. But for its ease and simplicity it's a good looking farm.

  11. Great method. I’m level 60 and only have 8 intelligence and need to get it to 23 for a weapon and this helps heaps

  12. I clicked on this video not realizing that it’s my man DpJ!!! I used to watch you back in destiny but when I stopped playing I stopped watching destiny content. Glad to be able to enjoy your content again

  13. These farms are super boring

    I can drop like 15 million runes at a time for people

  14. Farum Greatbridge with your horse and Lance Talisman and Golden scarab. 1300+ a kill. It works better for me. Sword or caster….

  15. My dumbass lost 412k runes but hopefully thanks to this I can get it back quickly😂

  16. Actually start showing you the farm at around 3:25. I'll save you 3 minutes here.
    Get the gold scarab, literally takes him 3 minutes to tell you that and nonsensically dribble.

  17. This dude thinks the bloodhound fang is the best weapon in the game hahahahahaha

  18. I really love this strategy, and even found it was more enjoyable when mixed with a Bleed + Wild Strikes AOW on a Great Sword. Thumbs Up on the video, mate.

  19. I watched you as a kid for black ops 2 emblem tutorials and now I’m back for elden ring 😢 time flies

  20. This clown only reached altus and he's claiming this farm is suitable for 100+, joke of a moron.

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