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Ep 24 lets play Archeworld 100% free to play mmoprg sandbox play 2 earn game

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I’m not a financial advisor and everything on this channel is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy official site
Archeworld official discord

Also take the time to READ the white paper it is the most important piece of information there is to find out if archeworld is something that you will enjoy in the future.

What is Archeworld? Everything you need to know about this new mmorpg play 2 earn game from xl games on my channel please have a look around and if you have any questions drop them below!

NA server release Q1 2023. These are all their targeted dates as of this video recording and of course delays could happen

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check out my channel for more info like
Archeworld AUCTION house all you need to know about it tips and tricks buy and sell ALPHA

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One Comment

  1. The God's have smiled on me! I finally found some space in a Public Farm! The trick was to run around the whole farm with a crop out (like you're doing in this video) and pounce on a spot when the outline turned yellow. I managed to find 3 spots, but they're not all neatly together like yours 😀
    As for the video. It looks like there are more bots running around than actual players. And it looks like they're all trying to complete the green quests. So I guess the rewards must be worth it. But the worst part is, they're all using the same class as me (Sorcery/Leather/2H Staff). I've a horrible feeling I'm gonna get picked on quite a lot 😞
    Anyway, I totally love that you've found a may to make use of the bots. Evil mastermind indeed! LOL
    So what is our lesson for today? Bots can actually be useful to you. Only do quests in peace time. But if you can't and you know you're gonna get bullied and killed. Take off all your gear so you don't have to repair it! I don't think you intentionally meant to do that, it just happened by accident. But I thought 'that's a really smart idea!' when I saw you running around bare bummed 😛

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