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Ep 39 Lets Play Archeworld 100% f2p series play 2 earn MMORPG on the blockchain

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I’m not a financial advisor and everything on this channel is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy official site
Archeworld official discord

Also take the time to READ the white paper it is the most important piece of information there is to find out if archeworld is something that you will enjoy in the future.

What is Archeworld? Everything you need to know about this new mmorpg play 2 earn game from xl games on my channel please have a look around and if you have any questions drop them below!

NA server release Q1 2023. These are all their targeted dates as of this video recording and of course delays could happen

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check out my channel for more info like
Archeworld AUCTION house all you need to know about it tips and tricks buy and sell ALPHA

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  1. I really love the Invalidity system for PvE. But I'm not so sure about it for PvP. It seems a bit unfair. But I guess it's a good way to encourage players to spend money on upgrading their gear 😀

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