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Everything GREAT About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!

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Here’s Everything GREAT about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022! I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Pure trash because the 70 money price and the dumb people who enable these companies like enabling alcoholics by paying bloated execs salaries can go bluck themselves :

  2. I loved this game and my only complaint is that there is a lack of cutthroat-ness as in the og trilogy they killed people left and right but in these games no one dies. Kinda disappointing but good at the same time

  3. Do remember that this time instead of just Price and Soap going out to kill makarovk, Ghost is still alive with everyone so. Who know maybe this time Soap wont die. This could be the best or happiest timeline we will have in Cod.

  4. Apparently there will be a mw2 “expansion” next year instead of a new game so we have that to look forward to

  5. The only political statement they kinda made in this game that I actually value having light shed on, is the use of PMC’s to effectively legally commit warcrimes due to their special rules of engagement.

  6. surprised they managed to still make Ghost the most stand out character in MW2 2022. Hes legit a meme now. Cool to see Ghost is still famous

  7. I like the gameplay but not the story telling and when they small talk feels like its forced dialog

  8. I have to disagree to the win counter for 1 reason

  9. Mission Alone is actually easy on Veteran, just craft, take your adrenaline and be quiet (with little help of throwing knifes and crossbow), hardest part is at church before you reach Ghost, once with Ghost its piece of cake.

  10. 4:46 The world misplaced like 30 nukes IRL right. Meanwhile Russia misplaced 6,000 nuke in Ukraine in the late 90s.

  11. I have no regrets in playing this Modern Warfare 2’s campaign. I like the characters a lot, and the new version of Ghost became my favorite.

  12. The missing missiles in the game are not nukes, they are simply ballistic missiles disguised as a shipping container. Same as the one launched in the games intro, where Ghost was standing a quarter mile from the explosion. Biggest threat is that it can be easily smuggled into the US.

  13. Right in the beginning, it’s wasn’t Shepherd telling Ghost he was danger close, that was Philip Graves, leader of Shadow Company.

  14. 17:23 I don’t know if this would count as a win but if you were to Half captions on Graves name will go from blue to red and the same thing would apply to general Shepard his name will go from yellow to red

  15. Shepherd looking as generic as he does makes sense cause in my 6 years in the military I haven’t seen a single high ranking official that doesn’t look like that 😂

  16. Loved the campaign! Solid Game from its old school (fuck im 36) brother.

    didnt obey the speed limit…drank tequila when i got home….close enough to your sendoff lol

  17. hopefully almost all of delta team and 141 don't die killing makarov again, the og mw3 campaign was so sad but so fun

  18. Not sure if anyone realized it , but general Shepard is played and voiced by the interrogater in battlefield 3

  19. As someone who's decided to put myself through this game in realism, this game isn't the hardest CoD but definitely the scariest. "Alone" was wildy scarier in realism and much more difficult but the hardest campaign still goes to WaW.

  20. 10 years from now

    Other people: What are you laughing about?
    Me: Nothing.
    My brain:
    "It's pishin it doon out here."
    "Speak English."
    "It's. RAINING. Fucking hard."
    "Then say so."
    "I DID."

  21. My man really said "A woman in charge does things to me" and then didn't fall for Valeria

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