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Galaxy Fight Club: Play-To-Earn NFT MOBA

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Galaxy Fight Club is the first cross-IP mobile MOBA, facing partner NFT collections one against the other. Its addictive gameplay and large variety of heroes and weapons is reminiscent of Web2 gaming.
Follow me as I deep dive in their Play-to-Earn economy, highlighting key aspects that ensure both a healthy growth model as well as a captivating game loop. I also share my opinions on a variety of heroes and weapons and what I found to work best for me.
Custom 3v3 games further empower the community to organise tournaments with prizes consisting of both in-game currency and items, as well as ETH. Slowly but surely, I can easily see an e-sports scene form around Web3 games and I believe that Galaxy Fight Club is a strong contender through both its genre (MOBA) and well designed economic model.

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Cross-IP NFT MOBA
1:52 – Play-to-Earn Economy
3:02 – Game Modes
3:18 – Weapons and Skill Cap
4:10 – Teamplay & Tactics
4:31 – Tournaments and E-Sports

NOTE: The first 17 seconds are part of @Galaxy Fight Club ‘s trailer.
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