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GTA 5 – Story Mode Money Glitch (Earn Millions) 2022!

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GTA 5 Story mode Money Glitch
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  1. At 2:03 when he invests he's only left with 7$ but at 3:50 when he checks he has 274k 😆😆😆 how dumb are these kids 🤣🤣 do they think they're gonna earn money if this like blows up 🤣🤣🤣

  2. it did not work, turned auto save off, never saved, destroyed lifeinvader went home, slept 6 times and i made nothing. L video

  3. Lmao all that bullshit just to make 100k fuck outa here you dumbed 870k into stock got back 970k what a waste of time

  4. What do I do when Im on ps4 and I cant dump all my money in because I have to manually click all the time

  5. Hello can you help me i invest 2b and i got -1.2b bro😭 i do as you say after i destroy the whole place i sleep 78 timesss

  6. Dosent seem to work on new gen but I'd still test it out just make sure not to save or use auto save

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