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Topics covered:
GTA 6 Leak Update
Ledger News
France NFT Ticketing
Uniswap Genie Acquisition


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  1. Always inspiring us … and the most youth of Pakistan who knows about NFT they all comeup with your name man.
    It will open many new dimensions if Rockstars actually pulled up cryptocurrencies in GTA 6 lets see it can be a changing point for how game industry worked or how it can work in future to reward its users .

  2. Really excited about release of gta 6 and rockstar including crypto will definitely benefit both users and for rockstar

  3. GTA VI is awesome news for the P2E and the NFT space! Especially since most P2E games are just terrible like MTGs game. Would surely be game-changing if true🔥🔥

  4. Muhammad Abdullah


  5. Kracker Gamer YT

    I am new and i am learning course lets hope to be winner xd

  6. GTA Crypto adaptation is a great news it might again bring my teenage days which i spent day and night playing this game the difference will be it would be worth playing this time😜..future belongs to blockchain..where it is france or anyother country all have to come to this nfts and blockchain eventually…excited to learn and more news about nfts cheers ramish !!

  7. GTA 6 news is lit if its gonna be how the tweet is

  8. To be honest and I personally love to see if GTA VI have been implemented play to earn in their ecosystem as a cryptocurrency this news is super exciting

  9. ofcourse the 1st news about gta 6 was very incouraging for me and i hope as well as will be for the community 💖💖

  10. If Ledger Quest comes out I think It can get more easier for newbies to learn about NFTs.

  11. Really excited to play GTA 6 and get crpto on the same time.
    How can it get more better for gamers if this really happens.

  12. gta is what most exites

  13. Being a game lover GTA 6 news is so exciting…If this happens it will bring a great revolution in the gaming industry 😯

  14. I wish the rumors will be true about GTA 6. It would help a lot in adoption of crypto.

  15. Who! That would be amazing if gta introduces crypto in their game

  16. Happy to see u again bhai yeah watched the whole video yeah GTA I heard nd I used to play with my brother at rent at outside haha never got my own GTA not that much financial bit I love it yeah hopefully trying to get some profits in nfts ofc I'm holding broskees I'm the whale as I completely believe in you ❤💯

  17. Gta 6 will bring a revolution if the news is actually true

  18. Time to upgrade the pc 😅

  19. Your Videos are amazing ❤️

  20. I always wondered that when this could happen..
    Ingame real life money trading…

  21. Ledger market place for cypto will be a competitor for opensea.

  22. GTA 6 update is cool

  23. involving crypto in the real time gaming industry will help to lots of beginner gaming streamers to grow themselves. 👍

  24. Massive news!

  25. If they are really bringing Crypto currency in GTA 6 then it will be a breakthrough for gaming industries. As we are slowly moving towards web3 this is amazing if it comes true.

  26. GTA 6 news is huge .. as a gamer im so excited about all these P2E projects.. Hype Is real 🔥

  27. Through this channel i got lots of information and learning related to NFT’s space thanks for the guidance Ramish Bro. ♥️♥️

  28. If GTA 6 thing happens then other games are gonna adopt too..Its gonna be really excited

  29. Damn man….Earning through GTA😍😍

  30. the GTA news ,IF IT BECOMES TRUE, is gonna be insaaaaane and ramish bhai I've been watching your NFT videos again and again for this great knowledge and it seems big
    your work with crypto and NFTs is pushing me too
    love you man

  31. BRO doing it for the culture!!

  32. I love the gta VI concept to bring crypto in the game.💙💙

  33. Wajahat Mahmood

    Yarramish is back at it again educating and letting the community about the NFT space. I was already eagerly waiting for GTA VI but with the news that you just provided us has taken my impatience to a whole new level. Can't wait to earn crypto while enjoying my favourite game.

    Finally i would love it if you would look into the project Bapesclan and let the community know how much potential it has.

  34. Soo much excited to being able to trade in GTA 6

  35. Too excited bout the game!

  36. Trying hard to absorb as much info about nft as i can in a short time.

  37. Excited for GTA6❤🥵

  38. Riaz Ali Rajput

    Your efforts are quite appreciable to educate youth about these earning platforms on FB community group and YouTube channel as well..
    Well, I am also your student of your FB Community.. Love u Ramish Bhai and thanks for this opportunity ❤️

  39. i wish all games should add crypto currency so it could also help gamerz

  40. damn

  41. the entry of a game giant like rockstar would be game changer for the nft space and crypto

  42. I play GTA online regularly so the GTA 6 news is dope!!


    "I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us"🔥💪💥

  44. The GTA VI update was my favorite as we know all gamers are more excited to game when there are rewards and gifts for just playing

  45. Ledger will be the upcoming future ia

  46. Sounds good

  47. GTA VI news takes the cake! Does not matter if its not official because it should serve as a catalyst for existing P2Es to take their development efforts to the next level:p