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Guardians Win AL Central!

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Scott Braun and Carlos Peña discuss the Guardians following their division clinching win and how they have mastered their brand of baseball.


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  1. As a White Sox fan, I want to congratulate the Cleveland Indians on winning the central. My Sox were a dumpster fire team this year and on paper, they should have been so much better. But your team proved that actually hustling and playing hard, as well as having a competent manager, are the foundations of having a winning team.

    I truly wish the Indians the best in the post season.

    (ps, I refuse to call them the guardians. They will always be the Indians to me)

  2. I’m a Twins fan but I’m very happy for the Guardians. They played well all year especially down the stretch and deserve to win the division. Francona is a great manager. Good luck in the postseason!!

  3. Honestly they can surprise everyone by winning it all considering how well we’ve batted it comes down to how consistent their pitching will be

  4. Carlos Pena couldn't even muster the humility to give my Guards a "BRACKATA!!" when Kwan shot that laser beam Grand Salami over the fence

  5. There was never any doubt Cleveland would take the AL Central… Twins and White Sox are so inconsistent

  6. I love baseball, I love Cleveland, I love Terry Francona, but I did not love the Guardians this year. A 45-year-old man, the name change makes me feel differently about this team. Why did we Cleveland Fans fight so hard back in 1996-97 to GET THE COLORS AND THE NAME BROWNS BACK AND ALL THE HISTORY THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE BROWNS. WE DIDN'T WANT JUST A FOOTBALL TEAM, WE WANTED OUR FOOTBALL TEAM. SO, YOUR TELLING ME IT'S ONLY A NAME, AND THE CHANGE DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING? WELL, IT HAS TO ME AND I HAVEN'T BEEN CONNECTED TO THIS TEAM ALL YEAR. I would really wonder how I would feel if they went on to win it all? GO TRIBE!

  7. I knew how special this GUARDIANS team was from the month of April when Josey hit 2 grand slams, Oscar Mercardo hit one too and Steven Kwan was rookie of that month of April. I'm sorry but I picked them to win the division because I have been watching them ALL season, as well as rooting for them and I knew I was witnessing something special. These commentators didn't even mention players like Gimenez, Rosario and Naylor and what an amazing season they have had. And most of the pitching roster. They haven't been watching closely enough IMO

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