Guide to Playing the Best Play to Earn Game in

Guide to Playing the Best Play to Earn Game in Solana NFTs | The Remnants NFT (Volume 2)

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WELCOME LONGWOOD VALLEY NEWCOMERS. With the recent update we are now the most comprehensive game in the ecosystem, and we have a ton more planned for the upcoming months. We have a sustainable economy, dynamic marketplace, vibrant community, talented team, and a stable game.

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The Remnants NFT is the best p2e game on Solana NFTs. It is one of the best Solana NFT projects because of its strong team, working project, great community, and the game is just flat out fun to play. Join us today!

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Buying a Remnant
2:29 – Map/Game Overview
5:48 – Looters v Resource Runners
8:19 – Upgrading Items
11:13 – Item Upgrade Cheatsheet
14:35 – What to Focus On?
16:50 – Marketplace
18:43 – Litepaper/Land
20:28 – What to Buy
23:03 – Blacksmith & Bank
25:33 – Breaking Down & Crafting
27:09 – State of the Game/Conclusion

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