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How To Buy & Sell Territe and Asterite – Full Play To Earn Crypto Guide – Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

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How To Buy & Sell Territe & Asterite – Full Play To Earn Crypto Guide – Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

00:00 – Intro
01:14 – How To Buy
09:47 – How To Sell

Territe Farming Guide:

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  1. Way too complicated for my brain. I will never understand crypto currency in games. Actually i don't understand any crypto at all.

  2. thing is.. you can NEVER drop 300 territe in 1 day without drop % items.
    the drop is way too low to even think about doing this. You can only get many at the start , leveling your characters, so the only option would be if you could like 10 different accounts to the same wallet, and farm new characters to make easy territe and keep selling it. but.. can't you just go and get a job in that case? get more money and its less complicated lol

  3. how much would it be approximately for those 90,000 asterite items?

  4. So if no Desktop version of Ni No Kuni Crossworlds, you basically cannot do this? I only play via Mobile app. This sucks!

  5. You know if it's possible to trade in Asterite for NKT tokens and use those NKT tokens to buy Territe?

    Also you CLAPPED me in lava valley. Pls have mercy. lol

  6. The game is fun and all but this is not for me I played revenant kingdom and was excited to see a new game but this BS is not a game anymore

  7. I don't think we will get rich doing this. The horrible drops rate and limited per account is not worth spending our electricity to farm. You'll spend more paying your electric bills than getting rich from this.

  8. DeFi Warrior is also a potential game. It just launched mobile version, which include trial mode for newbie to experience the game for free.

  9. Is there any other way to buy black diamonds instead of PayPal and credit/debit?

  10. Klaytn aKa Klay and NKT are not supported by any crypto exchange in America from what I’ve seen it’s not and we got whales in America servers who not American still buying it and whaling out yup sad.

  11. People from the USA can't use regular Binanace and BinanceUS doesn't support Klay. What are our other options in regard to crypto exchanges that support Klay?

  12. Hey man, thx a lot for your help. Could you help me with 2 questions?

    1.Why do I need KLAY? Can I not buy MBX directly from Binance and send those to my MARBLE wallet? This way I could save swap fees from KLAY to MBX, or not?

    2. is there any advantage to buy stuff through this way? I mean I could also buy stuff in the shop via Apple Pay with fiat.

  13. It should just be one wallet to do everything 😅 I’ll just stick to the normal game and play it

  14. With how complex this is to setup for a casual user, I don't think the price will hold. Currently on my server no one uses this, even our top players stick to diamond and in game purchases.

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