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Fall Guys was one of the most popular games of 2021. Putting 60 players together. Having them face off against each other. In a series of fun and simple challenges. From obstacle courses to tag. The world fell in love with Fall Guys. Blankos Block Party takes heavy inspiration from Fall Guys. Combining the brilliant Fall Guys concept with some awesome Crypto considerations. As well as heavy earnings capabilities.

Stick around and pay close attention because this is a golden opportunity that you do not want to miss out on!

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This video was created for entertainment purposes only! This is not financial advice.
The projects talked about on this channel is our own personal opinion at the time of making this video. Any Crypto, Metaverse, Play to earn and NFT assets have high risks.


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  1. Dragonwar is a very hot game, it’s lauched today and very stable. Game has Arena mechanism, if u want to join u must buy a Genesis chest, u will get 5 dragon from this to build your army (about 30$). The mainnet is released today, so check this now because after that you can’t buy any CHEST !!

  2. Solid video, keep up the great work. I'll be checking out Blankos in the near future thanks for this! I'd like to see you cover Big Time next. As Big Time is the next big NFT game as well.

  3. We have played this game for nine months we have lost every dime but $11.04. You will not be able to make any money with this game. There are no smart contract these are not real entities these people are lying to you to sell you garbage!

  4. The game is really cute! I just felt bad that it's not playable on mobile phones. Anyway, Nitro League is another game I am playing! It really has a good earning potential. Aside from winning races, one can become a metapreneur by buying and selling land

  5. Been playing Blankos for 9+ months. Can confirm more money goes in than comes out. Just truth no way around it. This same argument can be made for any collectable in it's early years. Occasionally a gem in the rough pops up but it's rare. Most people sell at retail or close to and after fees; make less than they spent. Very confusing till you realize most of the "player base" doesn't even play the game… Game really just needs true gamer support player base and the values will appreciate over time. Less profile pic, quick flip type investors

    P.S. I have not lost any of my investment in Blankos. I just HODL

  6. teddy my guy i had to stop the video at 0.35 duddeeeee come on man this is highly based off the 2007 – 2010 u.b. funkeys i canot be the only one that got blankos for looking like a game i played as a kid.

  7. I found a way to make 500$
    Screenshot everything (like this guys pfp)
    and sell them multiple times

  8. bruh stop tripping with this dude, he just giving info, you can't technically get 200 a day off the get-go, but if you work hard enough, it really is possible, just bc it didn't work for you, that doesn't mean it doesn't work at all, it just means your not trying hard enough

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  10. Tried it and loved it! Except that you have to have a fairly good PC/Laptop to play, which I don't. sadly barely can play a full round…

  11. anyone that says vibes is a brain dead millennial troglodyte u can't earn shit all from this game

  12. you are not telling the part that you invested a lot of money first in order to get these NFTs blankos, played for a couple of days now, got some dirt cheap nft's that are worth roughly between 10-50 dollars combined, like it should be far higher, if we could get random NFT blanko's as rewards it would have been a different story

  13. Love my Blankos, been playing it for 3 months now.
    Also playing Critterz NFT that plugs directly into Minecraft with juicy P2E.

  14. "heavily inspired by fall guys"

    You mean, like with most NFT shit it ripped off fall guys lol

  15. Blankos is great, but it’s bunch of clickbait. There is no way to earn daily, i have my full faith in this project and look forward to see them grow, i play every single day, but this guy has video footage from way back and has no idea what he’s talking about. Probably one of these AFK noobs in the game.

  16. Why does not my game looks like this? The interface is different, is it an old one or what?

  17. You should REALLY check out Untamed Isles and Guppy Gang NFT! You will definitely be AMAZED on what's being created! Their project is absolutely big and if you did a video about them then you'll definitely see your subscriber count go up without a doubt. Someone from the team might actually reach out to you to discuss more content creation.

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