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investment advice for newcomers: Invest 520RS for the first time.
Purchase 320RS stable product to become a VIP1 member.
Purchase 2 VIP benefit products.
The first time: Invest 200RS, earn 100RS in 1 day and withdraw 300RS.
2nd time: Every Tuesday Extra Benefits Product: Invest 200RS. Earn 150RS for 3 days. Withdraw 350RS.
You can also upgrade to a higher VIP level, and each VIP level will have 2 super welfare products to give back to everyone.
At the same time, you can invite friends to invest in Fidelity, and your promotion commission is also very good.
Thank you all for your support and have a great day.

Join Daily Airdrop

Many members report that the number of VIP benefit products is too small.
The head office of Fidelity Group has approved the addition of an additional welfare product for all VIP levels to give back to members and friends.
All VIP benefit products will be opened at 5PM every Tuesday in the future.
Please pay attention to the activity product column: VIP series welfare products.
Open every Tuesday at 5PM.
IMPORTANT: All VIP benefit products are limited in quantity, if you don’t snap up this week, you can only wait for the product to open again next week to buy it.
Important note: It is recommended that friends who need to purchase additional welfare products recharge to the APP in advance, which can help you to make a successful purchase.
Thank you for your support, and Fidelity Group wishes you a wonderful day.🏅🎖

VIP1: Recharge 320RS and buy any product.
VIP2: Recharge 5200RS and buy any product.
VIP3: Recharge 21000RS and buy any product.
VIP4: Recharge 72000RS and buy any product.
VIP5: Recharge 210000RS and buy any product.
VIP6: Recharge 500000RS and buy any product.
VIP7: Recharge 1000000RS, buy any product.
Each VIP level has a super welfare product: 1-3 days of short-term benefits, very profitable.
The system will calculate the amount of all your purchased products: including: stable products, VIP products, and the total amount of all purchases of active products.
Reach the upgrade conditions of each VIP level, the system will automatically upgrade your VIP level.


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  1. How to upgrade your account
    VIP1: Cumulative investment of 320RS to purchase any product.
    VIP2: Cumulative investment of 5200RS to purchase any product.
    VIP3: Cumulative investment of 21000RS to purchase any product.
    VIP4: Cumulative investment of 72000RS to purchase any product.
    VIP5: Cumulative investment of 210000RS to purchase any product.
    VIP6: Cumulative investment of 500000RS to purchase any product.
    VIP7: Cumulative investment of 1000000RS, purchase any product

  2. Bro first 320 invest panitu aprm daily income la 1800 invest panalama ela stable la 1000 invest panatha daily income la 1800 invest pana mudiyuma

  3. Hi bro UPI payments aagamatikithu they're UPI id was not exist..please support and tell them to suggest upi id

  4. Eppadi bro recharge pandrathu
    Ore UPI 🆔 tha varuthu bro aathu use panna Invaild id varuthu bro please 😔sollunga bro

  5. Balance 1800 iruku bro. Ana withdraw balance ellanu varuthu bro. Please help me

  6. நீங்க எவ்வளவு இன்வெஸ்ட் பண்ணிக daily income LA

  7. "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary." -Vidal Sassoon

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