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How to earn Microsoft Rewards points FAST (2022)

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YouTube video


WinRar download-

ABS download-

Join My Discord Server-

Join My Roblox Group-

Join Daily Airdrop

Join My Guilded Server-

0:07 Downloading the file
0:16 Downloading WinRar
0:20 Extracting the file
0:32 Unpacking the extension
1:42 Accessing more tasks
Enjoy! 😀



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  1. Excellent way to get people banned and also gives Microsoft a reason to decrease ways for Microsoft to give out points. Well done.

    All this takes about 5 minutes to do anyway without the risk of getting banned.

  2. i know the vpn stuff is bannable, but is the automatic completion of tasks bannable? i dont want to get more than i should i am just lazy lol

  3. The extension looks cool but I'm scared of my Microsoft Rewards account getting banned. Still this method is cool and the fastest (Without any scams)

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