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How To Earn On Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

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Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT was released a few hours ago. And I found out that it’s actually not worth earning for this game. Find out why in the video!


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  1. Man, I wish there's a subtitle I can barely understand what he's yapping about. It's like he's eating the words.

  2. I think this video needs a remake, cause things are already so much more different! Also, an explanation on NFT items for newbies would have been very helpful 😀

  3. Thanks sir! Well appreciated. Hope you could make another video about the nft farming of this game. And yes the gas fees sucked big time unfortunately. Need to play maybe a year to get decent profits. By then, could be a waste of time..ahahaha so I think, its better to treat it like a regular game for now if the earning capacity is still not that clear.

  4. hello i have a problem for some reason when i tried to search the game it doesnt appear before it appeared but it said not available in your country, tried to install via apk but it keeps on crashing

  5. Will you make a new video soon? The game launched yesterday.

    I wanna see if it's worth playing, or how to do it right.


  6. I'm actually quite interested in this project despite the gas fees where can i get more info sir?

  7. Waste of time to play lol. The Gas fee is huge. And if you will create new ethereum wallet you need you send atleast 50$ more on top of the game currency conversion gas fee.

  8. I think the nft is the most attractive part compared to the onbuff as I think since it's etp I dun expect them to give out money for free there's surely a trade

  9. please do more videos like that with prices, because no one do that!, keep doing informative videos just like that sir!

  10. the presidents NFT collection of 20 thousand pieces – already 8.8 thousand NFTS have flown away, the mines are divided into stages of 1000 pieces in each round, cool drawings, for the top 1NFT rank of the project, the developers paid 10 thousand$, and 3 people won 3 iPhones 12pro there is a 2 + 1 or 5 promotion of the same type who collected those will be given exclusive NFT 500 pcs that were voted for, for example, someone voted for Putin, someone for Elon Musk) through 1.2 thousand crumpled access to the open sea , then there will be a token issue , then staking and games with a prize fund of 250 thousand dollars 🤩👍 there is a large pool of 150 NFT, in which 420 BNB are divided, now 3 people will receive 140 BNB each, and there are small ones who have collected 50 pieces of nft, 180 BNB are divided between them

  11. Like wtf? They reschedule the grand launch to 20 April 2022. LOL!

    Update: 27th April 2022 for GRAND LAUNCH! SIGHHHH!!!!

  12. Why did everytime i open the game and it say temporary maintenance?? Is it really? Is everybody temporary maintenance too?

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  14. Woww thanks for additional Info, I have logged in awhile ago, but I exited the game, now I;m still waiting for Authorization again

  15. 😭😭😭😭😭 i can't play, because i'm too late to pre-register, my blood pressure is skyrocketing.

  16. I envy you sir. For having the game work… I'm still stuck wait on the screen an error I think, it said "requesting authorization" for 1hr now….sad I even pre-registered for it.😭

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