How to Earn the EAGLE EYE Medal in BR Ranked

How to Earn the EAGLE EYE Medal in BR Ranked Matches #CoDMobile_Partner

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How to get EASY Eagle Eye medals in Battle Royale #CoDMobile_Partner
Today we complete the new Seasonal Challenge: Earn the Eagle Eye medal twice in BR Ranked matches in codm

I play on the Nubia RED MAGIC 7
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  1. My phone cannot render enemies beyond 50 meters so that sucks. Earlier when the game wasnt so heavy, I used to see more stuff but nowadays cars, enemies and even the jet just pops up out of nowhere.. I cannot get this medal anymore sadly, though I have 1200+ of those from back in the time 🙂

  2. Would you please tell me in what cell phone you play COD mobile? mine's has so lag

  3. Vivian Chaparro

    Does any one know what that knife is called and how to get it

  4. Thank you now I know what to do

  5. thank you


    Is it okay to knock them out first, then get enough distance to finish them off?

  7. I got my second eagle eye with the manowar. @117 meters It is glitched tho, took my 4 tries to go get the second on, but I know i got the shot more than twice? With the SVD?

  8. Thanks 👍☺️

  9. Fourmatt Yonmatto


  10. Thank you. It helped me a lot to solve it. The tips were very complex and not very clear, so I was able to do the task with Koshka thanks to the video you made. You are number 1 for me now 🙂

  11. Vishal Sooknanan

    Thanks Johnny .

  12. Do i do i have to do this bs challenge without a skin? I shot plently with rytec and oden. Default no scope but i have a legendary and mythic respectively.

  13. Wait I’m lost. How do u play a ranked battle royal game?

  14. The easiest way to get the medal is to play BR squad and knockdown a player. Don't eliminate the enemy. And then run away from the knocked enemy. When it will die after sometime the kill will be counted against the distance you ran away. I hope I explain it properly.

  15. Is it 2 kills each game

  16. Its literally impossible for me


    -Tell me you using scope without using scope…
    -I am playing COD Mobile lol))))

  18. The task before the grinch skin

  19. I got 5 kills but only 1 was in high tier loot zone and it counted it as five so I end up going to the next task it is really bugged

  20. I love the character but the eagle eye medal is impossible im low end device

  21. Thank u

  22. thanks i completed it

  23. Yo @ 2:30 that was dope how bro really hopped out the wind and got em fr

  24. Does it work in warfare?

  25. Dude I wish I watched this video earlier today you would have save me a lot of time. And ended up using an Odin on Alcatraz

  26. Will this count in warfare too? Cause it says “ including warfare”

  27. Is Alcatraz a ranked game

  28. I don't know how but I got this in one br match and I used rpd

  29. Ig:dingo.savage Fb: Teris Mcclay

    on god I didn't even know anything now I feel like I know eveything.

  30. Didn't know default scope would work

  31. sanchez siblings

    sir how can I get heartbeat sensor????pls help

  32. Damn you still play videogames!! You look like 90

  33. Thanks alot. I thought it would not work with the default scope and was struggling to complete it.

  34. Big thanks for this! You always have useful tips. Really appreciate you, Bro!

  35. thanks for the info bro it really helps people who have trouble doing missions.. keep this up!

  36. Lloyd Marvin Roque

    your contents always help me♥️