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How To Earn Vanguard Medals For Guardian Games 2022 In Destiny 2

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YouTube video

In this short and simple video I explain how to earn vanguard medals for guardian games 2022 in destiny 2. I also show you how to find the objectives you will need to complete and where they are located in the triumphs section.


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  1. wow 45 seconds of useful bullshit just to find out i need to be in the playlist

  2. just came back 2 weeks ago from a 1 year break. i did not understand ahhaha thanks for the video

  3. thank you it's been years since I've played this game and I have notice that I missed out a lot on items that was originally available, but I hope I can recover.

  4. Thank you for the video! I've been trying to figure this out for longer than I want to admit! 😅

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