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How To Get Battlepass Tokens FAST & EASY In MW2/DMZ/WARZONE

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Obviously best way of getting them is playing the game…but I wanted to guide ye twords the right direction with this video 😀

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  1. Will there be a way to get the new weapons after season 1 is over? Like what they did with MW 2019

  2. Looking for people to team up with for dmz anyone interested I’ll send your name I’ll add you ps5

  3. Every time I play and complete a round of DMZ it kicks me back to the start screen and gives me everything but the battle pass xp or tokens

  4. Wtf have the developers actually done with the leveling in this game! 1st the weapons now this 🤣

  5. I don't really like how the token grinding is set up you got to play like three or four games just to get one token

  6. I think it should be like this if you finish the game you get one token and if you win you should get another token that's two tokens and if you go positive in the match that's another token that's like three tokens per game

  7. I think it's just ridiculous I have to play a couple games of multiplayer just to get one token I think after each match you should get one token instead is progressed to one token

  8. I played Shoothouse 24/7 for almost 3 hours and only got 1 token. I’ll try DMZ and see if I have anymore luck.

  9. Anyone else having the bug where when you got like 20 or 14 tokens but when you go to the battlepass it says you got 0?

  10. Anybody else’s tier tokens not progressing after the game? I got like 5 and then it stopped progressing even after using them

  11. They copied fortnite
    so much. Most of this s*** is from fortnite you could tell call of duty is running out of ideas..

  12. Bro, I got the Vault Edition and was only able to unlock A0 and A1, all the other sectors are locked. Scanned and repaired the game, did nothing. Worst 100 Euro spent, I should have waited until they'd do a special offer or something. AAA game, ffs.

  13. My battle pass bugged out when i first got into the game and unlocked stuff, i bought vault edition and when i was unlocking things the servers were laggy, so it gave me like 6 extra tokens.

  14. One issue I have with the battlepass is that before, even without buying the battlepass, we still had the possibility to get free stuff in that battlepass…

    now that we have to unlock the specified "zone" like "A4", does that mean we can't get free stuff?
    I'm asking this because if you don't buy the battle pass, you don't "complete" A1, so you don't advance to A2 or A3

  15. How much will cod points will the battle pass cost? I want to make sure I don’t waste points considering I got the vault edition, and want to get it every season with out paying more $?

  16. What if you have vault edition with the 50 tier skips how does that work with the new battle pass? I still haven’t hopped on yet.

  17. How comes we can download a multiplayer pack on warzone 2 but it says to play shoothouse u need the full game

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