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How to Unlock FREE Reboot Rally Rewards – Fortnite Reboot Rally Quests

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Fortnite How to Unlock Free Reboot Rally Rewards. By participating in Fortnite’s Reboot Rally and completing the Community challenges, you will be able to unlock free rewards! Fortnite News Episode . Support a creator code: Score (#ad).

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By The Fortnite Team

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It’s time to rally the squad! During Reboot Rally, rally your friends who haven’t played Fortnite in a while (or just started playing in Chapter 3 Season 4) and show ‘em what’s new this Season. As you complete Reboot Rally Quests and Bonus Goals, you and the returning/new friend(s) you’re playing with will earn points for in-game rewards.

An eligible returning/new player is anyone who has played less than 2 hours of Fortnite in the 30 days leading up to Chapter 3 Season 4. An active player is anyone who has played more than 2 hours of Fortnite in the 30 days leading up to Chapter 3 Season 4. Reboot Rally runs from September 19 at 9 AM ET to October 3, 2022, at 9 AM ET. Learn how it works below!

Whether you’re an active player or a returning/new player, open the friends tab in the Lobby Sidebar to see the Reboot Rally section.

If you’re an active player, you’ll see returning/new friends you can party up with to complete Reboot Rally Quests and Bonus Goals. If you’re a returning/new player, you’ll see active friends and fellow returning/new friends you can party up with to complete the Quests and Bonus Goals.

Instead of partying up right away, you can also “rally” your friends, meaning you’ll be presented a QR code for Share this webpage with your friends so they can learn more about Reboot Rally!

Party up with one, two, or three friends (or more friends if the mode supports it) so you can complete Reboot Rally Quests and Bonus Goals together. These Quests and Bonus Goals are findable on the “Quests” page. Quests and Bonus Goals don’t need to be completed with the same friend(s), so feel free to mix and match which eligible friend(s) you party up with.

As you complete the Reboot Rally Quests and Bonus Goals together, you and your participating friend(s) will earn points. Collect points to earn in-game rewards! You can keep track of your points and the rewards you can earn on the “Quests” page.

Reboot Rally rewards, all in the Renegade Flame Set. Rewards match great with the Blaze Outfit, which belongs to the same Set!

Collect points from Reboot Rally Quests and Bonus Goals to earn cool (or rather, hot) rewards:
50 points: Barb-B-Q Emoticon
100 points: Freshly Forged Wrap
150 points: Red Hot Revenge Pickaxe
200 points: Fiery Descent Glider



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  1. I have a Account that can Help anyone who needs a Friend. Leave a comment if you need help 🙂

  2. Once you rebooted someone you can’t reboot anyone again that’s just stupid who thinks that this reboot rally should be changed how about just doing it on your own rather then finding a friend which takes bloody forever 😡😡

  3. Can anyone help on the reboot rally challenges since I finished the first one and I need help on the other ones.

  4. Can somebody do the challenge with me I need someone that hasn’t played over 30days my username is Lili.23451

  5. Guys pls someone who doesn't play the game that much add me I am in Europe and my epic name is HassankingYT00

  6. My epic is xd Garth Adams I just need someone with a alt account to help me with the pickaxe then I'll help u out

  7. i dnt have anyone to do this with. Anybody got a party with someone who meets th requirements lol

  8. If anybody hasn’t played Fortnite in a month or has a new account and wants to do the reboot rally event my Epic Account : KOJO GH

  9. Can anyone help me out with the quests I need the play creative and all the other options (I need somone who has t played in atleast a month, answer this before 9

  10. guys I have problem with reangad raider ax when I play with split screen the rewards come to my second acc fix?

  11. for some reason i dont earn the points my friends does and ive done most of the quest my friend has mostly everything completed while mine is still blank so im thinking it must be a bug

  12. Wish I could actually get it. It’s dumb I have to play with a friend that hasn’t played in awhile or new player. All of my friend either play more than 2 hours and all the ones who haven’t quit so guess I can’t. Unless I make a new account and play with myself

  13. The xp one is a bit weird, but if I'm correct, I can just ignore the xp one and wait until the "do 6 daily quests with friend" quest resets eachday, can someone let me know if that quest does reset daily

  14. quick question, is there anything I have to click on to sign up? or can I just invite my friend and start playing?

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