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How to Unlock the Xander Outfit & Rewards for FREE in Fortnite (Refer a Friend Program)

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Fortnite Refer a Friend Program (v2) is taking place from July 19th, 2022 until TBD. In this video I cover everything you need to know about the Refer a Friend Program and how you can unlock free Xander rewards. Fortnite News. Support a creator code: Score (#ad).

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You can register via the following website:

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The tasks you have to complete are:
1) Create a Connection – Add a Fortnite Friend
2) Play One Game in Fortnite with a Referee (1)
3) Place Top 10, 6 Times with Your Referee (3)
4) Eliminate 45 Opponents with Your Referee (10)
5) Both You and Your Referee Must Gain an Additional 60 Account Levels From Where You Where When Starting the Refer a Friend Program (120)



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  1. does anyone have a bot account?
    I need someone to play with
    epic: GamerA05
    I you have send a friend request to me please

  2. So if I started in fortnite at level 1 does it mean all quest that I made before and the levels I gain , does it still count for the last quest, "gain 60 levels"???

  3. Hey guys can your friend get 60 level's before you or you gotta get them first

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