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If I don't earn 1 Million Bloodpoints as Survivor… – Dead by Daylight

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With a new killer releasing, it’s time to save up 1 Million Bloodpoints. But how quickly can I get them as Survivor in Dead by Daylight?

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  1. For those curious, another perk that can help with the boldness points is circle of healing (or really any boon, but CoH gives you the ability to self heal for survival points) because every blessed totem gives 1500 points. If there's a slow point in the game, you can run between two dull totems and just bless them over and over again for free max boldness

  2. big focus on the résult i clear you do 5h x 2 for the event and + 5h for the double point and play for points , 15h and play like ass hole ….. and we dont count tunel game where you can do nofing …..

  3. My man sounds like a minecraft + morgz, had to watch it withound any sound XD

  4. Gotta love how every dbd streamer loves to judge and criticize other survivors/killers choices. Not everyone does this 8 to 12 hrs a day for a living, most of us have normal occupations. Play your game and stop judging others from your point of view.

  5. omg this was so fun and so stressful to watch. I feel like I'm learning a lot as a survivor! and as a killer lol

  6. I always see streamers & YouTubers be able to loop and run killers so well, I mean just look at the Nemi match! I pretty shit on running 🙁

  7. 24:00 it wasn't really a maxed out perfect survivor game because you only got 2 stacks of Were gonna live Forever. Getting 4 stacks of Were gonna live forever gives you a lot BP overall then just maxing out all your categories. That's why running Borrowed Time with Were gonna live forever is so important to help with that 4 stack. Running Bond or Situational Awareness helps get those Prove Thyself points as well

  8. 31:11 truly a show of not being skilled. Dowsey could've just been escaping at this point instead of looping the killer for 5 minutes and letting his team do everything, so truly the least skilled of plays here

  9. I tried doing a shot everytime Dowsey said "Fantastic" in this video…..I'm typing this message from the hospital

  10. The end of the last match was very hype with We've Finally Landed playing, love it

  11. Proud to say I'm the Dwight that went down to a zombie, I was busy watching your stream lmaoo

  12. Dowsey you can still play killer you just need to have your bloodweb open while matchmaking. Just saying

  13. It’s a always ggs w Dowsey!! 😊 I’m not as into dbd killer content but Dowsey know how to make it fun! 😀

  14. If you don't earn 1 mil bloodpoints, then you're obviously not skilled… you just have to crouch and have a key and left behind, when all your team dies see the hatch open it and you will survive = skillful…. you will get about 8k bp… and all you have to do is do that 125 times…ez… and skillful

  15. Reaching for some constructive criticism/my opinion. I, personally, don't like the very high-energy, announcer-like commentary. If this is how you want to narrate the game, that's okay. Just that I preferred a much more real and laid back narration. Thanks for the content!

  16. Wait Dowsey, not to bash on you or anything, but wasn't this during the bloodrush event? With 1.5x bloodpoints? At 34:25 you can see the bloodpoint icon with particles around it. So under normal circumstances wouldn't it take a little longer than 5 hours to get 1mil?
    Either way, funny video, I liked it and I liked your energy! Looked like you finally had some fun again.

  17. Dowsey, how do you use the M2 button for skillchecks if it's needed for toolbox repairs, healing yourself, and other actions

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