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Instant Analysis – Trojans earn a tough 17-14 road victory over Oregon State

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USC head coach Lincoln Riley notched his second Pac-12 road victory Saturday night in Reser Stadium with his Trojans taking down the Oregon State Beavers 17-14. Even with half of Reser Stadium closed off due to renovations, the 26,000+ fans mostly decked out in Orange made the game environment as uncomfortable as possible for their USC guests.’s Ryan Abraham and Shotgun Spratling break down what they saw out on the field and what they heard from players and Riley after the game in this edition of Instant Analysis.


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  1. This Sc team has grown a lot since last year. It’s like night & day difference. I hope they keep the focus and play with this kind of grit all year. Fight On✌️

  2. Shout out to Gentry with 2 huge plays not your typical ILB at 6'5" with a 7'2" wingspan, but he makes it difficult for opposing Qbs to throw down the middle fight on! EG

  3. A Win is a win is a win ! And we move on to fight again next week win an Advance baby ,Fight the hell on! Sir Riley

  4. I am the biggest USC homer for past 60 years but Caleb Williams is not the real deal… his arm strength is extremely questionable… however his game management makes up for his short comings

  5. USC is number 1 in the Nation with 11 Interceptions through 4 games. That's an incredible STAT.

  6. its NOT "fun" to f usc or f trojan. Stop glorifying that kind of behavior. You are urging and conding behavior that will lead to violence. You even gave an example of beaver fan having to be tackled. You should rebuke our playing for "flipping" the bird to beaver fans. Remember Brian Stow dodger/giant fan beating?

  7. Good game, but we can't get 4 picks and miss a field goal, burn all your time outs early in the game and only come away with 17 points. It was an off night. Hats off to Oregon St. The didn't shy away especially on 4th down conversions

  8. SC’s punter is horrible. I know he hasn’t had to punt much so far this year, but he’s got to do better than he did. Fight On!✌️

  9. Sounds like the fans kept SC in the game by treating them badly. Of all the away games I've been to, Oregon State fans have always been the worst.

  10. 9:30 eastern time kickoff so yet again under the cone of silence until cranking up the DVR Sunday morning. Pac-12 announcers were 💩so muted those 🤡. Great win‼️🥂 Fight On‼️✌🏻

  11. Under Helton and Graham USC would have abandoned the run, Slovis would have been throwing ineffective passes and not taking advantage of running opportunities to keep drives alive and the Defense would have been gassed in the second half leading to a loss of at least two touchdowns.

  12. You can't win pretty every game. Sometimes you gotta get down and dirty. Great gut-check win. Fight on ✌🏽

  13. The Defense is improving and was really impressive.. keep it up D bc our offense isn’t going to struggle like today. We stared down ADVERSITY AND took its best shot!!! Fight On 6-0 heading to Salt Lake City

  14. USC had a clean super game without turning the ball over to the opponents !
    That was a great sign of a great team.

  15. Damn man been rocking with usc since Carson Palmer days, and I’m from Austin Texas.. and usc only team I rock with now.. no more pro sports for me.

  16. If Helton was coaching… usc woulda lost this game at the end..shout out to the usc qb for not turning the ball over

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