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INSTANT REACTION: Warriors big runs earn them NBA title; Stephen Curry MVP

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Amina Smith, Eddie House, and Brian Scalabrine react to the Golden St. Warriors using a 21-0 2nd quarter run to propel them to eliminate the Celtics in Game 6 at TD Garden to win the NBA Finals, 4-2. Stephen Curry was named Finals MVP.

Eddie and Scal talk about another turnover-filled game for Boston, and Jayson Tatum continued to struggle in the series.

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The official YouTube page of NBC Sports Boston. Home of the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Revolution. We connect fans with the teams they love.


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  2. Lmaooo yellow and blue makes Celtics green right Eddie?! Yea ok Warriors 🥂🍾🌁🌉🌃🚃🏀💦🏆🏆🏆🏆😁

  3. Josh Richardson might have made a difference. Stop that super star anointing of Tatum. He is just a talented player like Wiggins was when he was in the Cavs and wolves. He needs to be surrounded by Alphas. I'd invest more on JB than him. He has a bit of fire in him unlike all NBA first bum.

  4. Honestly this sucks but we’re still young. Steph went to his first finals in 2015 and he was 27 years old and JT just turned 24 this this year and went to his first finals. Just remember that Steph is 34 and Klay is 32 and not the same Klay from back in the days so they’re getting older while we’re still young and have many years left unlike the warriors and they can’t keep everyone on that roster so I think we got a good chance next year

  5. If you are the architect of this Celtics team, you are in a huge dilemma.

    Are your stars players your cornerstones for years to come? Yes in half a season, no in half a season. Yes in the 1st 2 rounds of playoffs. Hell no for the last 2 rounds of the playoffs.

    Are your role players your supporting cast for years to come? Yes in half a season, no in half a season. Yes in the 1st 2 rounds of playoffs. Hell no for the last 2 rounds of the playoffs.

    Is your coach the man for years to come? Yes in half a season, no in half a season. Yes in the 1st 2 rounds of playoffs. Hell no for the last 2 rounds of the playoffs.

    Where do you go from here if you are Wyc and Brad Stevens?

  6. Brown would be a great #2, but the problem with the Cs is Tatum is the weakest #1 in the league. Jayson has no fire in his belly.

  7. Marcus Smart is so good at flopping he act like they didn't lose the championship in the post interview. 9pts, bro. 😂😂😂

  8. Encapsulation of the entire playoffs. Play 5-7 good minutes stretch, then suddenly act like they've never played basketball for 8 minutes in their lives and warriors never looked back. Been that way all postseason and it finally bit them. Also fitting they have a .500 record at home to pay homage to their .500 season to start the year. Don't think they will ever peak this high ever again

  9. Celtics franchise and players broke so many records this playoff runs and a good majority were not good ones.. Every night we found a way to blow it or set some kind of bad bad record.. 21-0 rub, 19 steals(mia), blown dud digit deals multiple games, turn overs, etc..

    Celtics only beat themselves and always seem to get caught up in the big moments

  10. Bad loss, lost to the finals but amina is still ❤❤❤ I will miss amina more than this team

  11. The Celtics need a damn point guard a real one. The team having 23 turnovers won’t cut it.

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  13. Disappointed by these finals. The bench disappeared except for gm 1 Derrick White. PP couldn't hit a shot , he would've been the playmaker we needed to get better looks for the Jays.
    Great playoffs run overall, but in the finals I can save only 3 players. Rob and Al definitely, plus Brown. No one else, even Ime got out coached badly

  14. Trade Al Horford + Derrick White. Team needs more toughness. Jayson Tatum is soft as charmin

  15. Future look bright for this young Celtics team. I feel sad for Brown because he had a great finals series but they're only going to get better. I hope Celtics can add more to these team. Definitely need more veteran bench, and get Bradley Beal.

  16. Ngl I knew this game was a wrap at warn ups when Celtics were brickin everything.

    No excuse for a 21-0 run..they did it to themselves..
    Y'all gave Warriors a gimme thanks to that.
    Tatum gotta do some soul searching on the way out of Club Superstar. Better luck next year

  17. Can we accept that Ime was completely exposed by Miami and GS.
    How many horribly embarrassing records were set by the Celtics in this series?

  18. que vum.Monster encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortalest abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

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