Kakele Play 2 EARN Biggest UPDATE Dark continent update

Kakele Play 2 EARN Biggest UPDATE! Dark continent update ! XNO NANO , NFT and more …

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Kakele Play 2 Earn 2D MMORPG game huge Update 4.1 Dark Continent, NFT, NANO (XNO) and more.

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  1. UFO guy wtf is going on with rollercoin threee weeks now news no updates no new season maybe they pulling the rug ?

  2. Hi Ufoguy,
    Your Code is invalid. Could you check it please?

  3. YES!!!!!! This is what I been talking about at work all day.

  4. Your Intro almost got me very in trouble with my Wife.. But hey love the vid 😅😅😂

  5. Anime Beast❄️🖤

    When will the next season come of rollercoin??

  6. It says me “invalid referral code” 🙁

  7. More content please for english Version for Kakele more power sir.

  8. another amazing play to earn game! 😀

  9. Hello 🤗 can you do a video about polygon matic withdraw in rollercoin

  10. Please more vidoe

  11. U got a new sub

  12. Kinda looks like Zelda. Never played, about to try. Thanks again my friend.

  13. здравей, не сме се чували от отдавна! исках да те питам има ли нещо ново покрай mines-of-dalarnia и как мислиш, че ще се развие проекта

  14. nice

  15. Papi 😘😘

  16. Rollercoin lover