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Kings of the Mountain Trophy Modern Warfare 2 Earn Three Stars in Defender Mt. Zaya Achievement

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  1. I got all trophies in the game in 2 days, but this is a nightmare, it’s impossible to stop them planting

  2. I should have got this ages ago but every time I get to wave 5 my cunt of a teammate decides to keep fucking following me instead of defending the other objective, I got to A he follows so I go to B then he follows again and it costs us time and time again

  3. Anybody want to do this with me? I’ve only got 3 co-op trophies to get which are find 20 intel, 3 star mt zaya and denied area, my psn is my YouTube so add me and we can plan a date and time to play

  4. Add me 4 playin this mode have already done game on veteran and i got a lot platinums on cods
    Psn Nosoff46

  5. Let’s do it! I’m goated but need a partner! Looking to do all the co op ones as well.



  6. Do these challengers actually change weekly? Everyone I play with are absolute dummies. When it comes to defending two objectives they stick with me, and leave the other one, or ignore it completely. Must’ve had 20 trys, and no luck. I always get 4. I think I could do the time trial or whatever.

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