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Looking For The NEXT 100X Crypto Game | LIVE! FT. CryptoKing

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In this livestream we’ll be going over many crypto games, news relating to these crypto games & searching for the next 100x …


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  1. Crabada not a game not fun – Gala Games starting to look dodgy you can tell on there Youtube channel they buy views for some videos – Myria is a scam they are gone after node sale – Rebel Bots is great cant go wrong investing in Illuvium and Rebel Bots then you have that mobile gameplay and triple A gameplay covered also both will be franchises

  2. Just waiting on the Universe Island review. I can't wait for your guys opinion! The beta game is set to be released on May 2nd! Don't sleep on it

  3. hello sir share a detailed review on new crypto project Bitsubishi, but kindly share the video before it's launch, currently it's in presale

  4. Lies , he did NOT get challenger in every server ! I can say for a fact he did not get challenger in Africa . Wtf how did he lie ?!

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