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  1. No, you can have a less than perfect run in which mordin survives. I somehow had a scenario during my first playthrough in which Jack was the only one to die.

  2. Zach hazard still stands as the funniest instance of someone passing the suicide mission first time because he actively hated the game while playing it and still somehow got the best outcome.

  3. in my first playthrough, I only ever lost half the crew due to the time limit and didn't lose any squadmates. the game gives you some very heavy hints about who to assign to each role.

  4. I didn't have any trouble with the hold the line segment; instead, it was the vents and biotic shield that got me the first time through. For the vents, I didn't want to send Tali very first thing because I was romancing her, and I hadn't fully internalized Legion as a "tech" guy (despite being a robot), so I picked Kasumi, since she's a balance of stealth and a tech. Then for the biotic field, I picked Miranda, since she and Jack are the party members most visibly biotic-focused. I think the stipulation that only two party member are viable for each choice puts a bit of a damper on things, unfortunately, because I still think both of those decisions made perfect sense.

  5. I think this all boils down to the metagame expectation that consequences will always be foregrounded by the decision presented to you. It's "obvious" that sending the wrong person into the vent will kill them, because games have trained us to expect a choice like that to have a direct pass/fail consequence. The Kaiden/Ashley choice is literally a "pick which character you want to die" menu, including a takes-backsies option if you still don't see it coming the first time.

    Holding the line is an indirect result of two different decisions, neither of which explicitly tells you "BY THE WAY BRUH THIS HAS CONSEQUENCES." You have to be thinking about the indirect effects of what will happen to a group when certain characters are taken away. The game warns you with in-character dialogue, but not with an external gameplay signpost. To be fair, this is also the first time the game does this trick. The rest of ME1 and ME2 gives you clear out-of-character cues about what gameplay effect any of your choices will have. That rug gets pulled out at the end of ME2, and our metagame boy is salty when it happens.

    Compare this to the "save the crew right away" decision, which arguably does the same thing; but Woolie never had to even consider that decision because he was checking with chat about the optimal quest completion order through the entire game. If he'd been truly playing the game blind, he'd also probably have lost Chakwas et al, and would be complaining that "just one extra side mission" caused them all to die.

  6. Hot take here.

    I honestly think when the dust has settled, Woolie will be more salty about this moment than the ME3 ending.

  7. i did it first try prolly cause i took tali and mordin with me cause they were the characters i liked
    until woolies lp i didnt even know anyone could die as long as u did the loyalty missions

  8. When I first played ME2 I was completely blind, so I didn't do any of the ship upgrades and half the squad was dead before we even got to the base

  9. The funny thing is I just went through the remaster and I went through the suicide mission perfect by accident without realizing that secret check for holding the line. But I forgot to finish my romance with Jack so I reloaded my save and lost mordin in the final mission and lost my mind 😭😭😭

  10. I feel like a lot of people drastically overthought the "Send the people to do the task" sections. It's the exact same trifecta of stats from the first game: Combat, Tech, Biotics. There's a Combat challenge (hold the line), a Tech challenge (hack the door), and a Biotic challenge (project the field.) If you send a Tech or Biotics specialist to do the Combat challenge, of course it will fail.

    Also, the framing of the Loyalty missions is terrible, because it's not Loyalty that's the factor, it's distraction. If Tali hasn't gone back to the Flotilla, she's still actively thinking about that during the suicide mission, and that divided focus will get her killed. If she distrusts Legion and is focusing on making sure he isn't going to kill you all, that divided focus will also get her killed. It's not a matter of how Loyal she is to you personally, it's a matter of her focus on the mission at hand. But because it's all framed as Loyalty to you personally, it feels incredibly stupid.

  11. I was 13 and was solely focused on nothing but romancing miranda and my entire crew except her died on the suicide mission. Taught me a valuable lesson, if you prioritize your dick all your friends will die.

  12. Am I crazy or did they remove the part where you ask your teammates opinions before blowing it up?

  13. I only lost Mordin on ME2 hold the line on my first run through and I was a high schooler that tried to read every bit of codex and hidden meanings in what people said lol and I still lost Mordin. So my first run through of 3 was WILD. I hated 2's hold the line

  14. I remember I ended up saving everyone on complete accident. I sent mordin back with the crew because I assumed they would need medical attention due to being in pods and if I sent anyone else they'd have casualties or whatever, and for the hold the line thing I brought tali and legion cause they were easily my favorite racial tension combo.

  15. There was a moment back in the day when I also picked Zaeed for the fireteam leader, BUT when it showed the cutscene with him and everybody else it showed Garrus getting shot and doing the dying animation in the background. I was so fucking upset that I looked up how to do it, only for me to find out Garrus survives with all of the options I chose and it was just a random thing that happens in the background. Why tf would they do that, it gave me a heart attack as a kid

  16. When I first sent Mordin with the crew, I rationalised it as them having a medic with them. Jack wasn't loyal and that got her killed holding the line.

    Now, sending Grunt, the best Krogan there is, a tip top fighter, back to the ship, is a weird line of thought. Let's see how Woolie's thinking went.

  17. Mordin flat out says in the game how much he hates 'hold the line' stuff.

    So him going down if the setup isn't perfect? Yeah, naw, that's all on you.

    Think about how the STG fights. Rapid movement, skirmishing. Hit and run. He's ideal to protect the group returning to the ship, and that's before his medic stuff to help anybody that might need it because they just got all fucked up. Think for a second, my dude, THINK.

  18. 6:20

    Yeah, that situation was going back with the crew: it literally says in his bio on that part you read:
    "Expert in biology"
    "Prefers working in his lab on ship rather than fighting"

    There's literally no one better to send back to assess the crew and despite what you're arguing, the game does hint and indicate this is the case.

  19. 4:10
    If there was another party choice after that, it wouldn't make sense: if you only take 2 people, any party choice would potentially have a 10/12 chance of getting it wrong as you leave the other 10 back behind.

    If you were going to meet up with the other 10 later, then you party choice wouldn't be conditional on who you took.

  20. I actually saved everyone on my first try because apparently if you don't know who to pick, just pick Miranda. She can do everything.

  21. I always sent Mordin because he was a Doctor. I think Pat and Woolie just can’t stop overthinking tiny decisions.

  22. I agree that the parameters that choice decides by could have been telegraphed a BIT better, but I also think being too transparent is equally bad or even worse – a little subtlety and ambiguity go a long way. The majority of checks are either an obvious binary 'did you buy the upgrade/is the squadmate loyal' check, or a 'should you put the star shaped puzzle piece into the star shaped hole' problem. Asking that you critically think about which teammate is a good leader adds welcome ambiguity since you could make a decent argument for most of the roster but there are still teammates who are clearly at the top of that list, and the same could be said about deciding who will be in charge of making a stand.

    Woolie's argument that 'well in cutscene the character is weak whereas in gameplay they are all equally strong' also doesn't hold water because if he truly believes that then he SHOULD have taken the weakest teammates with him because the teammates in Shephard's personal squad will participate in gameplay whereas EVERYONE he leaves behind will only participate via cutscene.

  23. So it's unclear from this – did they end up reloading to save Mordin?

    Because like, I can see if Jacob or Samara died, but if there was ever an excuse to rip apart time and space to save one person, it's Mordin.

  24. You are supposed to feel the odds are stacked against you. Hence its called "suicide mission" for a reason. I get it may be frustrating for a playthrough on stream. But back then nobody thought about such things.

  25. I don't really recall my first playthrough super well as that was over ten years and at least a dozen playthroughs ago, but I believe I kept doing side missions after the crew got nabbed and lost Mordin. I thought it was kinda bullshit but had been planning all along to roll right into the next playthrough so it didn't really bother me. If I was a "one-and-done"-er like Woolie I'm sure I would have made a bigger stink about it.

  26. My biggest bullshit moment was gaining tali’s loyalty and then losing it when I turned her down for romance and she died from a suit rupture after the seeker swarm section.

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