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Meeet – New Free Play and Earn NFT Games | Review Tutorial and Gameplay

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Turn back in time did you remember gameplay of FarmVille before. Now see this MEEET is a Web3 Farm Game with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements. In MEEET, players with NFT farmers can complete tasks by planting, harvesting, feeding animals, processing products in factories and selling products to earn currency. These currency can either be used in-game, or cashed out for profit.

Activation Code: 52828066, 57324386, 05541210
(Note: i will update this code from time to time.)


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  1. Wow, that sounds good mate. It's just like the free to play testnet of THE MERA-DeFi Warrior, more and more rewards are coming

  2. yun oh. Nice one bro see you sa community sa game. Ganda nito laruin kakatuwa. Support sayo kapatid. =) Great Content

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