MetaWin Review Win A Free BORED APE On The

MetaWin Review – Win A Free BORED APE On The Meta Wheel

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Today’s video is all about winning in the web 3 world. MetaWin gives you the opportunity to spin your Meta Wheel of fortune and earn free mint spots for the upcoming NFT drop, or a BAYC! Like, subscribe and check these guys out!

Official Website –
Twitter –

This project has NO AFFILIATION with gambling

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  1. are MetaWin working on Metamask? What other wallets are allowed? wallet bridgeconnect?


    Absolutely like your TA, but I’d like to point out my point of view, it’s true that we have to refer to the historical data, however sometimes history doesn’t repeat. BTC is almost like a tease when it gets to these levels and it starts to suck in liquidity around this range but we will have to see how the market reacts to these. This is a perfect time to partake in trading as it is volatile. I've made over 9.2 BTC when I started at 1.5 BTC in just a few weeks with Mrs Greta Waldron. Analysis, her strategy is so satisfying.

  3. do i have to buy Ether coin to participate in this?

  4. thx for MetaWin vidoe. i have a question unsolved though. Could you restore a wallet created with Trezor to a Ledger device or viceversa? It would be as easy as just restoring the wallet in the new device using the seed right? I wonder if they both use the same amount of works, though. Thanks!

  5. MetaWin is my new choice.. it is based on stable coins, stable pegged positions, and stable-pool yields.. As for wallets.. Ledger Nano S is basically obselete now that the Nano S Plus is available; I'm surprised you didn't mention it. A much better choice overall than the Nano S imo.

  6. How to find 5 props easter eggs?

  7. Agung Capital Style

    I don't see any significant changes in the crypto market. On the one hand, this pleases me, and on the other hand worries me, because I understand that the cryptocurrency cannot be in uncertainty and I think something will happen in the near future, but I am reassured by the fact that I invested only those usdt that I could afford to lose.

  8. Among Khalispur

    MetaWin earnings better than DeFi Kingdoms?? is it play to earn?

  9. Lover On The Sun

    Thank you for the video! One small question: Since these macro factors you are talking about are not going to be solved anytime soon, and the centralized world is in a bad shape, why do we have so much pessimism when it comes to crypto, instead of being a safe place of decentralization created to escape the upcoming darker days?

  10. Vishakha Barswal

    when is the mint?? Count me in!

  11. is the team dexxed? can i check their profiles on twitter and linkedn?


    how to find top designated locations?

  13. Celsius should be a warning to everyone – if you don’t control your keys, then you don’t control your coins. Even the biggest companies can fail, and that applies to exchanges too. Don’t take the risk.

  14. Is MetaWin play to earn or free to play?

  15. Vishakha Barswal

    I believe you saved my a$$ as I had everything on Celsius until I saw your previous HW-wallet video, got a Trezor and cryptosteels to do Shamir`s. I got in crypto last year and as the realm is a bit daunting for beginners I think I`m not alone in beginning the journey on centralized exchanges and getting a bearing from there, luckily I found MetaWin channel pretty quickly


    What is the network it's based on i did not understand?

  17. Delta King Offisho 🇺🇬

    Is the mint LIVE?? what's the link to mint page?

  18. is MetaWin build on the ETH network ???

  19. Thanks for your work, respect and like to the author of the channel! But I would like to see a review of the new farcana project on your channel! They have already released a mini game, there is a cool idea with a pool of bitcoins for rewards in tournaments. But I want to know more about this project) Thank you).