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Metroverse is a land trading NFT strategy game on Ethereum. Players strategically collect and trade city blocks to grow their economy and earn the MET utility token.

A collection of 10,000 unique city blocks make up the Metroverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Each city block is unique – populated with residential, commercial, industrial, and public buildings, and is represented by an ERC-721 non-fungible token. As an NFT, there will only be one of each city block minted, as they are nearly impossible to replicate.

Players can collect multiple city blocks and build neighborhoods. Each block generates revenues in the form of MET tokens – the game’s native currency. Through this, users are incentivized to strategically acquire and add additional blocks to their collection, as MET tokens can be utilized within the game economy to improve their holdings and generate even more MET.

Our vision is to enable the next generation of decentralized applications by creating fun, innovative, play-to-earn gaming experiences. Metroverse sits at the intersection of three markets, each of which has strong growth potential: NFTs, Gaming, and DeFi.

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  1. Metroverse going well so far, I got 2, what do you think about the project? I was afraid to invest because of unknown team

  2. you must be a real bad youtuber to say its all good non doxxed lmao so if they aint do good with the game they gunnna take off then what? lol

  3. I got also whilested.
    And i bought 2 lands and staked them.
    My god the floor price is 0.7
    Dunno if sell before reveal.
    And then re buy in a low price.
    Comparing the activity of nano pass….

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