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Modern Warfare 2 FINALLY Changed These… (MW2 Perk Updates FULLY EXPLAINED)

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So… With only 24 hours left on the beta when the changes came in, Infinity Ward finally did end up tuning the perk system within the multiplayer beta after all this time of saying it would be coming. I’m happy to see a change here and looking forward to seeing how it further plays beyond just for testing purposes like the matches I’ve played up until recording this video since the update went out, I just wish we as a community had more than 24 hours to feel it out because I’m sure there’s plenty of people who won’t be able to fully jump on and see what’s different. But anyway, today Infinity Ward changed perks and we’re running down how they changed and what’s new with them. As we go along, drop your thoughts below, do you like these changes? Do you prefer the perk system as it was in weekend 1 and up until today? Whatever the case, drop your thoughts below. If you enjoy the video, you find it at all insightful, do me a favor and drop a like on the video and if you’re new to the channel, make sure to subscribe to stay up to date with all things Modern Warfare 2 as we gear up for the full launch in about a month’s time. If you’d like to join us on the road to half a million subscribers, I’d love to have you. For now though, let’s take a look at how we finally got a Modern Warfare 2 change to perks that we’ve heard discussion about since the beta began. This is: Modern Warfare 2 FINALLY Changed These… (MW2 Perk Updates FULLY EXPLAINED)

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00:00 – Intro
01:12 – How the Perk System Was Pre-Update in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer
02:20 – How the Perk System Works NOW in Modern Warfare 2 (Fully Explained)
02:57 – How the Perk Modifers Work in Modern Warfare 2 (Getting Perks Faster)
04:34 – How Balanced Are These Timed Rollouts in Modern Warfare 2?
04:58 – How This Perk System Could Be Even Better in Modern Warfare 2 (Opinion)
06:49 – My Only Disappointment From This Change in Modern Warfare 2 Perks
07:34 – Thanks for watching! Subscribe, like & comment!


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  1. I like how COD players want it all. You guys must want to be juggernauts with 6 perks and against ppl that just installed the game for the first time in their lives. Bunch of pu**ies

  2. If they don’t want to change things for the players, don’t buy the game. It only hurts them

  3. I didn't know they added changes, but i did notice that the game for some reason got really laggy for me on pc after it!
    For the changes, not a huge fan, wouldn't mind it if it was as he suggested in video, but i don't really see why some of the perks are where they are. Like having hardline as ultimate before the change was just useless and funny in a bad way!

  4. I didn't even bother with setting up perks. The system was needlessly changed for the sole sake of changing something.

  5. I played the beta and ended up buying the vault edition. Is it the perfect COD at this point ?? No.. is it already more fun than some, yes.. I have hopes that IW will take some feedback from the beta and make it that much better. It could be a totally different game after a few months.

  6. Coldwar ans vanguard was so trash the cod community would buy anything new this game sucks and could never compete with the OG 2009 MODERN WARFARE 2

  7. I actually like the slower paced gameplay (sweaties, cope harder) because it's obvious the gameplay is geared towards the upcoming DMZ mode.

    Granted, I didn't play the beta too much because well, it's a beta. I'm not going to drop $100 on the Vault Edition either, because I'm not crazy good at the game, but I absolutely played the hell out of MW19.

  8. I had an epiphany yesterday after watching some of your videos about the beta yesterday..

    This game is geared to awarding those that play, get kills, play the objective, etc…

    With perks and kills streaks, the better you do the worse it's going to be for someone who's struggling.

    The down side is, it makes the playing field lopsided for those people that will be sweating and or worse, cheating.

    Imagine the games you'll get thrown into mid match and having to be getting your full perks (if you're lucky) before the game ends.

    I also noticed the sbmm is trash in this game and it only seemed to get worse this weekend to the point where I was the only level 30 person on my team basically carrying all the new or under level 10 players and we were playing again and entire team of people who were all level 30 or higher and got destroyed. This happened to me several times yesterday and today.

    Also the latency has been HORRIBLE!!
    Shooting enemies first losing gun fights I initiated only to watch the kill cam showing me not even shooting 🤦.

    I really want to like this game because it's new, the graphics are great and it's got the potential to be one of the better games in the history of the franchise… But it's going to need allot of tweaking.

  9. The perk system is flat out ignorant. Do these morons even play their games? At this point Joe Cecot and Bobby Kotick should be fired immediately.

  10. I was hoping specialist would make a return in this. Mw3 hod the best specialist, all perks earned after getting 12 kills without a death made you God. I preferred that to any kills treats and always have

  11. To be honest I didn’t even notice that we didn’t just ‘get the perks’. I feel like this system is just a bit of an over complication. If I’m setting up my class I’d rather know that it is set up as I wanted. I don’t want to be getting killed and thinking “did I have ghost? Is that how we saw me coming?”
    I would rather this system was scrapped. Just give me the perks I chose.

  12. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE SLIDING. It just feels so clunky, as opposed to CW’s, where it just felt more fluid.

  13. Putting all of the perks as options would be better than making you have to work towards certain perks. If they let you pick the order you got them kind of like mw3 specialist worked that would be better than this garbage. Another thing, the only thing wrong with the traditional perks were the perks in certain categories that made them “op”, or the go to perks. If they did a better job of organizing them they wouldn’t have to resort to this rubbish.

  14. Wish we had the park system that incorporated the tier 2 perks. Also thisnsystem makes no sense for what they intended, I pick one of the sets and then go with that one most all the time anyway. Let us choose what we like and play how we want please

  15. Honestly I wasn't too personally worried about the new perk system- a lot of CODs have switched up the perk system out of nowhere with really no explanation why and the games have gone on to have healthy life cycles. My biggest concerns are the time to kill being so incredibly high, the unclarity while shooting, and skill based match making. Forcing your players to constantly be on the top of their game is what will break my interest in this game. I just want to have fun, I don't want to feel like I am on a sports team.

  16. i still don't like the new perk system and i rather have they official mod modern warfare 2019 for modern warfare 2022 instead for multiplayer. modern warfare 2022 mp beta feels like a downgrade to modern warfare 2019 mp beta.

    sad to say this, but vanguard mp plays better – even though i play it's trail version.

  17. I loved the beta, but I absolutely hate the new perk system. The pick 3 from 2019 is better along with the specialist system.

  18. Hey Espresso! I always watch your content but never subscribed! Well until now😅! Keep up the good work

  19. i'd rather have original COD back where perks were perks and not arbitrarily selected and rolled out. it's stupid imo. I really wish they made it like 2019 b/c that game i played quite a bit before mw2 beta launched for PC and i fucking love that game.

  20. The new park system is trash they need to make dead silence as a base perk and they need to fix the Time to Kill

  21. Don’t judge me but I love that one of my favorite features is back. Longshot distance appearing on screen. Idk why but I love seeing it pop up on my screen whenever I get one.

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