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MW2 Beta Review… STOP Preordering !!!

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The MW2 Beta was NOT what i expected. I would recommend considering what the devs have changed during the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta that will effect the Mw2 beta gameplay. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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  1. Please tell me I don’t have to level up a gun to really use it at its best…. I don’t have weeks to fully unlock a gun, I liked the black ops attachments where you buy the ones you want and thats it. Simple.

  2. I'm not buying it gameplay doesn't look fun. Jokingly was going to try the beta until on pc you have to give them your phone number. I don't care what you say they don't need my phone number if they need it to ban me BAN THE IP LIKE OTHER GAME COMPANIES DO. Sorry but hell no all it takes is one hack and we'll people's phone number are now jeopardize

  3. Ik in the first minute and already got something to say new style game play? This is not new overall if feels like classic cod with a little more graphics and little more added in

  4. Just another overhyped, over-priced, microtransaction-filled, pile of soulless sh*t that has absolutely zero fan feedback implemented into it whatsoever that every 10 yr old and all of our favorite view vulture youtubers will rush out to buy day one, therefore repeating the cycle next year.

  5. Can i change my server to American I wanna play with them but not Asian because my lobby is cover by many of china player

  6. ttk was lowered ? 😀 yes but its still trash, i wish the make 2 options veteran and casual, casual is this, and veteran will be slower paced more tactical style without hud, with 1-2 shots to kill night maps with nvgs, no unrealistic killstreaks that would be so SO GOOD !..

  7. One thing you fail to mention is that compared to all these "failed games", MW2 actually allows you to play and test the game through a Beta. Every single game you show at the start of the video did not have that. Some even failed to show any proper gameplay in general. Preordering games like these is a game and you put full trust into these developers to actually deliver. MW2 on the other hand shows you exactly what you get through gameplay and a beta. How can you complain about a game that does as much as is possible with a game that is not released yet?

  8. Never pre order again i didnt even get to play the beta due to crashing didnt even get in a game

  9. One thing i didnt see that i liked in vanguard is the the ability to customise crosshairs like to the bigger round ones …

    Also some of the death animations in the beta were laughable i shot players a few times end the ended up doing a cartwheel in the air not sure if that was a glitch or not…

  10. Respectfully, I do not agree.

    The tables have turned in a way that completely eliminated offensive movement based strategies. From rushing to flanking. Now I can be heard from great distance away from a target I can't see and most players will either pre fire or sprint jump around a corner at the perfect moment.

    Because the sound design is so strong I can not use my prefered way to play. Which is to stalk, flank, and slink my way around.

    I can't do that because even one eared Tim can hear my boot sqeak on a the floor over 30ft away through two walls.

    The new "earn perks as you play" feature is killing my strategies because for the first half of the match, if I'm lucky, I have to wait for my perk to activate. Bonus perks and ultimate peks are basically another equipment like dead silence.

    Which brings me to my next point. Dead silence should have been a perk. Especially if dead silence is the only counter for this juiced sound design.

    Seriously killed my go to strategy to play. How is a sneak supposed to sneak in a game designed to punish movement.

    The only matches I've had go really well are ones where I just sit in a small area and refuse to move.

    That's not fun and definitely doesn't remind me of my favorite older CoDs. I didn't sit in one spot the whole match. I moved around and got my sneak attacks in.

    I'm not even mad. I'm just crushed that another modern CoD is wasted. The franchise I truly loved died back with the original MW trilogy.

  11. I'm a dad and I don't like the short ttk. I like being able to fight for your life a little. I don't like that whoever sees whoever first usually gets the kill

  12. Why are many people leaving the Call of duty online games? people feel cheated.
    People commute between different courses, to find some wet course to play on, but it's the same everywhere, the only ones who seem to be having fun, are the ones who broadcast and are sponsored. As a player, you are doomed in advance to die by the programmed robots that are deployed. nice graphics are not enough, it should be fun to play. The call of duty online games, have unfortunately completely failed to deliver anything good, and the games are not worth the price, 25 euros a game should not cost more.

  13. This game is horrible lmao. Spawns are dogshit. The maps have too much verticality, and dumb angles. I’m annoyed they kept mounting in. 4 kids camp while 2 flank like every lobby. Sbmm is still a thing and carry’s over from all the main cods and it’s hilarious the difference from my lobbies compared to majority of the player base. Oh and the bullshit smoke on like every map about all over? There’s already no name plates above enemies so anyone prone or mounted is almost impossible to see when they are head glitching or just prone in a bunch of clutter on the floor. It’s not cod anymore lmao. It literally plays like insurgency and battlefield had a baby.

    Spent one hour on the game played a few games and nope. Just hell nope 👎

  14. The scopes and iron sights look awful (can't see anything). Hope I'm wrong & this doesn't apply to most guns.

  15. I like this time around because it feels like the old Modern warfare plus the third person game play. All in all see you guys at the game.

  16. The gunplay is total trash. Your right about “nostalgia” were back to emptying a mag in someone while they hop, dance around and one shot you. I fuckin hate it and want a refund. I Guess MW 2019 will remain the pinnacle of COD.

  17. This video is terrible and it is a lot of idiots and his comments the game is crap Y’all are the type of people trying to make it sound good because you’re going to get the game regardless

  18. Here’s a take from a guy who hasn’t played since bo3-4 clunky gameplay clunky weapon mods clunky maps latency issues are everywhere overall kind of shit just waiting on the dmz mode

  19. Is it just me Or am I the only one who got free downloaded from steam I mean they just sent me notification beta is out and i just click it and u got it fore free just now

  20. I’m just having so much fun with it I don’t get it why people don’t enjoy this. It might sound cocky but it feels like there is a skill gap involved.

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