NFT based Play to Earn Game Design with Cross the Ages

NFT-based Play to Earn Game Design with Cross the Ages | Ultra Chill S2E2

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In the second half of our two-part episode with Cross The Ages, Sami and Nicolas dive into the nitty gritty of NFT-based play-to-earn game design!

0:00 Introduction
0:45 How games should be designed with players in mind
4:21 Balancing play-to-earn games

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  1. this year ??

  2. Great interview Rami! Congratulations Ultra and can't wait to see this beautiful collaboration mature with Cross the Age ! 🙂

  3. Rostom Halaïmia

    Looks 🔥

  4. Douglas Butner

    This makes me think (maybe you already are) it would be beneficial to make a series of eosio.token-type contracts that contain functionality common to PTE games.

    This could be done as a sort of hackathon to get the code, or sourced from projects with correct rights.

    The more different models you can make accessible to more people, the better. So the more sources for these models, the better too.

    Like Rami was saying in different context, this isn't something you can depend on experienced teams to come up with all of the models. But smaller teams will benefit.

  5. Konner Moshier

    This is going to be litt

  6. Taking over

  7. Just one of MANY amazing games to come. Ultra will be synonymous with Web3 if they can get the word out to the masses. Both gamer and creator are massively rewarded, there is no other business model like it. It will end up being much more than just games.

  8. Great job as usual! ✊

  9. These two amazing projects partnering up like this is such a beautiful thing.

  10. The quality of the producing has gone up with the podcast! That's great to see. The interview was interesting but I wished it were longer! <3

  11. Can’t wait to play on Ultra plateform !

  12. Ultimate Bluegrass Playlist Corporation

    This one looks quite special. Nfts that unlock real world cards? Do you prefer cash, card or crypto?

  13. Great partnership!

  14. Project of this century, join this evolusjon early 🙂

  15. The beast is still sleeping!

  16. CTA sounds like a promising game, good that Ultra is involved with them

  17. Richard Langford

    love the new partnership. can't wait to play this on ultra and have fun playing a game where i own and can profit from my in-game items!

  18. Great episode again Rami. This is big news, great times ahead for Ultra

  19. Rodrigo Silveira

    Rami, you're an awesome host.

  20. Elle sera lancer quand concrètement la plate forme ?

  21. Ok Rami is now a pro YouTuber imo.
    Keeping it ultra chill.

  22. Amazing Ultra!!!!

  23. Let's gooo !!!! 🔥🔥🦄

  24. This partnership is undervalued. Those paying attention will be rewarded.

  25. 😍😍😍