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NHL Game 5 Highlights | Oilers vs. Flames – May 26, 2022

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Connor McDavid played the role of overtime hero as his goal in the extra frame led the Edmonton Oilers to a 5-4 Game 5 victory against the Calgary Flames and a berth in the Western Conference Final.


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  1. When it takes 23 minutes too make a non offside call….. NFL Refs sleeping good. . Gerry where you sleep bud? Under a billion Canadians got ya on camera bud.

  2. I am rooting for the Oilers, but I felt the Flames were robbed on Coleman's goal being called back. If it was such a hard decision, then why wasn't the call on the ice upheld? Not only does the kicking motion have to be "distinct", but to overturn the call on the ice requires the initial call to be definitively wrong. Neither circumstance was present IMO. Sure hope the league clears up this mess in the off season.

  3. Is that Gaudreau that left McDavid alone? Literally skated away from him leaving him on his own? Thanks Gaudreau! Oiler fans thank you for the absolutely terrible back check! @7:20

  4. Yo I got the Nordiques…I mean the AVS! I got the AVS going all the way this year in my bracket but screw it! Let's go oilers! BRING THE CUP BACK TO CANADA!!!

  5. Произведение искусства ……с любовью из солнечной России 🏖️⛄…брат

  6. Calgary's cup was when their fans wanting 10 in game 1. They thought the series was over in game 1.

  7. the goaltending was so bad in this series, if Edmonton wants to go further Smith needs to play better

  8. Nothing against Flames but Im glad Darryl sutter got his arrogant ass handed to him… What was what he said?

    Ah yes he wasted Edmonton's 8 days…


  9. Love how Edmonton comes into your house and ends the season for your flames. Maybe next time your fans and Eric Francis might want to keep your mouths shut and not brag about how you're going to beat Edmonton 4 straight.

  10. Surprised more people aren’t losing their minds over that disallowed goal In these comment, on Twitter people and becoming unhinged about it. Oh and it was the right call it’s a shame they didn’t show it here but the view from the net cam showed how much of a kick it was

  11. Keep an eye on Johnny not playing the body on Leon and letting him get the pass off to McDavid. They deserved to lose cuz of that.

  12. Wow Calgary got screwed. That puck was clearly gonna go into the net. There's no way they should have took back that goal.

  13. Yikes, I was cheering for the oilers but that goal by Calgary should have counted.

  14. Nothing to be sad about Calgary, beautiful team, you have some great years ahead of you!

  15. I'm not too into this, and don't care a lot who wins. But that disallowed goal was silly. I can only assume it was because his skate hit the goalie's pad? Because the puck was going in regardless

  16. If the Oilers didn't have McDavid they wouldn't have no chance at all.

  17. In 2013, in Calgary, you could find yourself being challenged to six fights just for mentioning the non-goal from 2004 vs Tampa in any public place.
    Flames fans are going to be cursing that goal ruling deep into the 2050s!

  18. Blown call by nhl….should be embaressed reffing this playoffs not even this series just in general has been terrible

  19. Hmm… IDK, I think that 5th goal Calgary scored should have counted.
    Regardless, Draisaitl played absolutely phenomenal.

  20. I don't like Edmonton teams edomton 2 goal no acout one e4dmotoin player was in goal cress

  21. 2:01 McDavid with a clear high stick to Hanafin.. shoulda been a 4 minute call on him and no goal..

  22. It’s gonna be like Kahwai coming to Toronto with the whole Evander Kane thing, I’m telling you they are going to the fucken show

  23. With all due respect, where did the Flames go? I mean, the Oilers are doing pretty good rn, but aside from game 1, the series was a sweep. I guess I was expecting a lot more from Calgary. I thought the battle of Alberta would go at least 6 or 7 nail-biting games.

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