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Overwatch 2: The FULL Season 1 BATTLE PASS! Skins, Emotes, Charms & More

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Overwatch 2: The FULL Season 1 BATTLE PASS! Skins, Emotes, Charms & More! Today we check out everything the OW2 S1 battle pass has to offer!

In this video we talk about:
Overwatch 2 Battle Pass
Overwatch 2 New Skins
Overwatch 2 New Emotes
Overwatch 2 New Cosmetics

0:00 Intro
0:14 – Skins
1:13 – Mythic Genji Skin
1:35 – Weapon Charms
2:13 – Souvenirs
2:41 – Emotes
3:32 – Player Icons
3:48 – Name Cards
4:06 – Victory Poses
4:23 – Sprays
4:45 – Voice Lines
5:28 – Highlight Intros
5:52 – Leveling the Battle Pass & Price
6:12 – How to earn XP
6:27 – Daily Challenges
6:36 – Weekly Challenges
6:44 – Seasonal Challenges
7:01 – How long to fully level?
7:42 – Unlocking Kiriko
8:01 – Purchasing Tiers
8:20 – Price of all tiers
8:32 – Is it worth it?
9:10 – Bye bye

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Overwatch 2 (The Game)


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  1. Kiriko should not be gate kept. The whole point of overwatch was it was a skill based game with every option open to everyone, now there’s a hero that’s kept behind money. Stupid move, the rest makes sense and I like it just not that a whole hero is unlocked through a battle pass

  2. I'm more worried if I buy the battle pass and not play enough, I might miss out on the mythic skin. My life is plenty busy and I do still want to play other games. This is where it feels to me Blizzard is trying to get you, since they obviously want you to spend money to unlock more tiers. That feels sort of predatory to me.

  3. I think they did a decent job in the new cosmetics, some of them look rather tempting, but the problem is that this isn't just optional costumes or memorabilia, this is essentially 10 dollars per new hero for those that can't get to the free unlock tiers. By the time they add 7 heroes, Overwatch 2 could be more expensive than Overwatch 1. The fact that an Origami keychain is a higher reward than the actual new hero is really off-putting.

    I'm not saying I want Kiriko at a higher tier, I'm saying it feels like they're stretching out the Battle Pass and making it really biased to people that pay. If it was purely cosmetic like in other FTP games such as Fall Guys or Fortnite, where the cosmetics you unlock don't influence your playstyle or ability to play in different modes and there's only one set type of character across multiple modes of gameplay, then the Battle Pass would be fine, even cheaper than most games of it's kind. The problem is that they're trying to play both sides.

    The Overwatch Team is adding new formats to try and balance the game since everyone has their favorite characters, but part of the reason everyone left Overwatch for a while was because there were no new heroes coming out. New heroes can bring new life to the game or completely change the competitive landscape. If someone joins the game after Kiriko, they might not be able to get her for free. If there was something like "Once the season is over, you can unlock Kiriko by doing x" then it wouldn't be as bad, but the team has gone on record saying that they don't care if someone can only play 34 out of 35 heroes and that's just disgusting to me.

  4. I'd rather pay a box price like OW1, battle passes are just exciting new ways to abuse serotonin and credit cards. Blizzard these days deserve absolutely no chances or assumptions that they will be reasonable with this feature, so I won't be playing or purchasing anything related to OW2. However, if down the line they are able to show that the system is not predatory in nature, and I can access the entire game for a price akin to normal box prices for games, then I may consider giving the game a chance.

  5. Thanks for the overview. In my opinion, too much focus on aesthetics and not enough on balancing gameplay. 5v5 is far too brawly and is less strategic than OW1 6v6, which was a huge gameplay draw for me. It seems more like a button mashing fest and whoever presses the buttons fastest wins. If they funnel funds into building a better game play experience this would be much preferred over aesthetics. Shiny things are nice, but not the reason why I play.

  6. I cant be the only one thinking that this is ridiculously stupid. All of this is the same bs just a bit different. So disappointed.

  7. people used to play Overwatch because it was fun but now people are only going to be playing to get new stuff before it's gone forever

  8. One important question. If I’ll buy the battlepass for the computer, it will be even in my Nintendo Switch version?

  9. Monetization wise, Battle Pass does feel like a paid season long event with cosmetics exclusive to it, so it's fine considering the price point.

    What makes the whole thing egregious or not is all the other cosmetics outside of the pass. Are they farmable? Are there gonna be paid only ones? Are they limited time?

    For me, if pay walling is exclusive only to Battle Pass cosmetics, and everything else can be eventually farmed, it's ok. If aside from that there are more pay walled stuff, then no. Not cool.

    Also, and I know this is a long shot, if older seasons' passes can be bought later, it would sell it all for me. Time limits on things is just a scummy way of making people pay money.

  10. I wonder where the other cyberpunk style skins that appeared together with Kiriko's went…

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