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In this video, I wanna explain what will happen to your Overwatch one credits when Overwatch 2 drops this October 4th, what sort of things you can buy and generally just how Overwatch 2’s shop system works!

Overwatch 2 is a free to play sequel to Overwatch by Blizzard. It goes into Early Access on October 4th, where we’ll be getting three new heroes (Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko), a bunch of new maps and a whole new battle pass and shop system.

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  1. hopefully u can use both currencies to buy something so that ur not stuck with like 8 coins forever

  2. There aren't any more skins that I'm desperate to have but I still really find it scummy to require us to pay loads of cash for what used to be free.

    The game feels like it lost it's soul and, to be honest, it has.
    Jeff Kaplan is gone. Micheal Chu is gone. Geoff Goodman is gone. The vision behind the game is just gone. Overwatch 2 doesn't look like a game meant for people to enjoy. It looks less like TF2 and more like Raid Shadow Legends.

  3. im kinda scared and nervous but also excited i just know that this game will somehow take my money-

  4. Thank you for the great informative video. Just subbed since I'll be playing mercy more often in ow2 and it seems you have great guides.
    I didn't really try to improve on Mercy before since they would change her, then that change got reverted lol. Now I'll be trying to get better at mercy I'll definitely be interested in your guides and tips. I know I have allot to improve on.
    Before I would never be good enough to have enough impact in the game on Mercy to increase the odds of winning the game hence I didn't really play her much. However when I did play her I always found her incredibly fun to play and very rewarding when you get that important damage boost or heal or Rez to sway a fight. I had enough gamesense to get some value from her just was not able to get the most out of her because I never got good/improved upon her techs because they would change it.

  5. Crap I still have to buy some dance emotes and I'll have to get the White Witch skin from mercy seeing as I'll be playing mercy more often now then before. I didn't really play mercy that much because I figured the time invested in improving will be meaningless with the changes they would make. And then they reverted the changes xD.
    I also used to get really salty whenever I got a orisa skin because I didn't play orisa cous I found her boring. Now that she looks fun to play I'm kinda glad xD.

  6. if someone sees this, please tell me, will battle pass be as in (for ex.) in fortnite, where you buy one and can get credits out of it to buy the nex one?

  7. Anyone thought about, that the lootboxes could be bought in ow1? So ofc they have to give them value in ow2 otherwise people, who spent money on lootboxes would be angry.

  8. I can't believe blizz is making you guy the old skins with real money……this is not okay

  9. Good to know. I guess I'll spend 4k of my remaining tokens on the skins I want the most then keep a bit for Kiriko stuff.

  10. Will I be able to buy the battle pass with overwatch points or will it only be purchasable with real money?

  11. Can you use credits for the battlepass? If I have 1000 credits on OW1, can I essentially get the S1 battlepass for free?

  12. What about Non event legendary skins? Are those going to become only purchasable with money for OW2??

  13. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars in OW2 only to get permabanned because you called your Rein Trash lol.,

  14. i spent all of mine on skins but once i heard about it i started to save up at 575 rn so gotta get a couple more for kiriko stuff, i'm gonna be so bad at her but still hype xD

  15. Question, in the beta only the default skin for Mercy had the new character model. Do all skinx have the new mercy model, or is it still only default new model skin and other skins use old model?

  16. sounds like a fomo trap. also i do belive those are the final prices and legacy credits are a psycological trik to make you cound the monopoly monney as less valuable

  17. I just finished spending all my credits on skins

    Sadly I got them all except for 2 Skins
    One for Tracer and another for Roadhog
    But they’re kinda ugly so I’m ok with that!

  18. i have 55k lol i didnt even have thta many boxes, ppl who played more than me must have 300k or smtn

  19. One question, it is possible they put old core and seasonal content inside the next battlepasses? It might be a good option for those people that dont have everything and if someone already has that content, they could receive legacy coins instead.

  20. $30 aud for a legendary?!? nahhhhhhhhh lmao
    blizzard ain't changing that too you know they aint lmao

  21. I have been grinding as many credits as humanly possible these last few weeks and in total I've bought over 20 event skins, im at 0 credits rn cuz I just bought my last OW 1 skin tonight

  22. Niandra! You were included! Look at you! Knocking it out of the park over here 🙂

  23. THANK YOU! ive been grinding a lot as i just switched over to pc for ow2! but unfortunatly i spent all my credits on skins i already owned on console… as this was just before they announced cross progression 🙁 so ill be missing out on a bunch of skins i wanted

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