Pegaxy Insane Profits Reveal NFT Game amp Play To

Pegaxy Insane Profits Reveal – NFT Game & Play To Earn

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Today we reveal the profits we are making so far in the play-to-earn game Pegaxy with a farm of 52 horses.

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  1. Jaqueline Fortuna

    qual contato para parceria?

  2. joined the discord server, hope I can have the opportunity as well <3

  3. Greatful!!!!!!!

  4. This is amazing! Hoping I will be one of your scholar soon. Excited to play! Let's go!!!!

  5. 12 ABM D Tapar, Francis Pio DJ.

    how to enable 3d gameplay?

  6. ciela marie omega

    Hello sir im a new subscriber, and hoping to be one of the scholars soon. This is a great oppotunity for all who watch this vedio. Hope to be part of the team. Wishing this project will go beyond to moon❤

  7. John Carlo Padua

    Good Day good sir. Is there any chance that i can apply for you're scholarship program? I am from the Philippines. Thankyou very much.

  8. good job, very helpfull video for me

  9. That would be nice, keep up the good work

  10. There is no way to rent a horse. Is not possible

  11. Above %20 is killing the economy fyi.

  12. Good day sir egamers. If you're looking for aspiring scholar may i suggest my self. i promise to do my best to play that games and not to disappoint you.😊👌

  13. Oww this one looks a good project

  14. Hey I'm your new subscriber ☺️ and I also. I Pegaxy lover 🔥

  15. Владимир Лещенко

    Nice project will keep my eye on it

  16. Хочу выйграть 👍

  17. This is an amazing opportunity for us. Hope this project will go to the moon soon🚀 All the best wishes for the team working behind this project 🤩

  18. Babaların Babası

    great project for future

  19. Thats good info didn't know the win was like a status more at they horse i always think that is depende at the win este of the last races.

  20. This is why I love pegaxy because they have already burning mechanisms! btw, may I ask sir when are you going to reopen for scholarship?