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Play 2 Earn | Age Of Sentinels | Age of Sentinels Summit 22

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Play 2 Earn | Age Of Sentinels | Age of Sentinels Summit 22

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Welcome to our Play 2 Earn video!

Discover How This New, Groundbreaking NFT Gaming Project Combines An Incredibly Exciting RPG Experience With High Value, Dynamic NFTs

What You’re Going To Learn
A FREE Half Day Summit where we’ll walk you through this new and exciting NFT Gaming Project.

How to increase the value of your NFTs without playing the game or watching the crypto market
The step by step way how using the ‘renting platform’ will help you INCREASE the value of your NFTs
How using this model will help Gamers and NFT investors have the best experience
Why this Open-World RPG is going to be the next best thing for NFTs

The Services offer a unique metaverse gaming experience via the Game and other related experiences through the combination of traditional core game and blockchain mechanics via the Solana blockchain (the “Age of Sentinels Metaverse”)

The Age of Sentinels Metaverse utilizes a guild system that allows you to create factions and collectives that operate in a decentralized, autonomous way (“Decentralized Autonomous Corporations”). The Services may provide you and other players with certain tools that enable the implementation and management of such Decentralized Autonomous Corporations. They reserve the right to revoke access from any Decentralized Autonomous Corporation, or member player thereof, to such tools in the event that such Decentralized Autonomous Corporation or player violates these Terms or for any other reason, they determine in their good faith business judgment.

Game Items. The Services provide a marketplace (the “Marketplace”) for you to purchase, transfer, and trade Game-related items such as ships, stations, resources, posters, and other items (“Game Items”). Game Items can be used in the Services in various ways that they make available, such as to represent in-Game assets that you can use while you play the Game. We make no promises or guarantees regarding the functionality, utility, or value of any Game Items, and such Game Items may evolve and change as they update and modify the Game and the Age of Sentinels Metaverse.

Game NFTs.
Your purchase of Game Items may be accompanied by non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), and your ownership of these NFTs are tracked via the Solana blockchain (“Game NFTs”). Your ownership of these Game NFTs will give you certain rights and privileges within the Services, for as long as we make the Services and such rights and privileges available to you.

A Complete Over The Shoulder Training Event
Saturday 1 October at 7pm UK / 2pm ET / 11am PT

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    Watchibg video and knowledge about age of sentinels

  3. I love this video as it shows this new world of role-playing in a very creative way I love it.☺

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