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1.Before the opening of the Indian Stock Exchanges on a given day, a player can pick units (gaming units) of any scrip out of the 20 (twenty) scrips listed on the Stock Sports platform in the gainers or the losers category based on player’s assessment of the movement of that scrip. The 20 (twenty) scrip listed on the Stock Sports platform shall be determined based on an auto-assign using an artificial intelligence program or a voting mechanism amongst the players. The players will be allowed to modify/cancel their orders before opening the stock exchanges. Players cannot pick units on both sides (gainers and losers) simultaneously in the same scrip.

2.The money collected from the players who purchase gaming units from the Gainers category and the Losers category will be kept in two different pools: (i) amount pooled in the Gainers category (GC) and (ii) amount pooled in the Losers category (LC).

3.Results of the top 5 (five) Gaining Percentage Scrip and top 5 (five) Losing Percentage Scrip in positive and negative percentage terms will be declared as the winning scrips and based on the closing quoted price of the scrip on the Indian Stock Exchange in a given day. (Result Number of scripts can be increased or decreased in future).

4.One gaming unit will cost INR 50 (Rupees Fifty only). One can purchase the maximum unit value of INR 5,000 for one scrip and the maximum unit value of INR 1,00,000 in a game.

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5.Based on the results of the top 5 (five) Gainers scrip for that day, GC will be proportionately distributed amongst players who purchased gaming units of the scrip, which formed part of the top 5 (five) gaining scrip.

6.Players who won the Reward/Prize have to share 10% of their winning amount as a Platform Fee. Let us assume a player ‘X’ chooses one gaming Unit of scrip ‘Y’ in the Performer’s category. The amount pooled in by purchase of units by the players in the Performer’s category is ‘Z.’ At the end of the game, if ‘Y’ results among the top 5 performers, then ‘Y’ will be rewarded and out of the reward amount the player ‘X’ will contribute 10% as platform fees or facilitating fees. (Unit cost and platform fees can be increased or decreased in the future).

7.In a single gaming unit, if the player’s winning amount is over Rs. 10,000 then it will be covered under section 194B tax will be deducted at a flat 30% plus a cess of 4%, i.e.,,, at 31.2%.

8.On a given day, if no scrip forms parts of the gaining scrip (in positive percentage terms, i.e., all 20 scrips are in negative), Z will be retained by the Company, and the same shall be used for investor education and protection programs or any charitable purposes.

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