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Pokemeta NFT | New Play 2 Earn Game | গেম খেলে টাকা ইনকাম | Best NFT Game in 2022

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Pokemeta NFT | New Play 2 Earn Game | গেম খেলে টাকা ইনকাম | Best NFT Game in 2022

Game Name: PokeMeta -NFT
Game- website: Referral code: ANR4047E1Q
Pokemeta _meta Agent contact – Telegram @liao0990
telegram official group—

Add Binance Chain (Metamask) network:
Network: Binance Smartchain
ID: 56
Symbol: BNB

About Pokemeta:

The game is best characterized as a cross between Pokémon, a popular role-playing video game, and Hearthstone, a digital collecting card game. In appearance, the gameplay is rather straightforward: it entails battling and reproducing Pokémon-like playable monster creatures. The game’s graphical user interface and general appearance and feel are rather simplistic. However, the play-to-earn feature makes it an appealing game title. Players may earn the BNB-based tokens PKM and SLP by fighting or breeding PKM, which can then be exchanged into USDT and utilised as real-world money. POKEMETA also has the benefit of being compatible with most desktop and mobile operating systems. It operates on Microsoft Windows, Apple’s macOS, Android, iOS and iPadOS, to name a few. It can be installed and played on PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads. Another advantage of POKEMETA is that it allows ordinary people to comprehend how blockchains and cryptocurrencies function, specifically how the blockchain economy works. PKM can also be exchanged for cryptocurrency, and sponsored players can receive allowances from NFT owners because they are NFTs. In a nutshell, PKM is a token designed to be used on the POKEMETA platform. PKM token holders may vote, stake, and pay for any product using their tokens. But what’s intriguing about this PKM is that, based on the number of users and overall income, the platform is expected to increase.

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