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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Easy & Fast EXP Farm LEVEL UP FAST | 400000+ Points Per Hour

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Are you looking for an easy and fast EXP farm to level up your Pokemon quickly? Then look no further! In this video, we’ll show you how to farm Pokemon Scarlet and Violet using only basic commands, so that you can level up your Pokemon in no time!

As you can see in this video, this is an easy and fast way to level up your Pokemon. If you’re looking to catch all the Pokemon in the game quickly and easily, then this is the tutorial for you!

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  1. The thing is that I find weird is I have all the ingredients but it says Uh-Oh you’ve run out of picks! You can’t make a sandwich like this!

  2. You can also try to equip thief on a pokemon and use it on every battle trying to get a lucky egg. Although it is only a 5 percent chance, you can get a few with enough luck, and equip it on every pokemon.

    Edit: It might not be possible to find lucky eggs, I have only been finding oval stones

  3. I have a good hybrid team going for me. And I plan on making a triple team(three man squad) for each types.
    And this is what I got.
    For steel, Ghost, and fighting: it's ANIHILAPE!! leading the charge for all three types! The steel will be his teratype!
    For the steel types we got Bronzor and Varoom!

    For fire it's Collosal leading the fire types. Subordinate so far is just Charcadet.

    Fighting type squad! Toxicroak for now.

    Water: Quaqaval leading, with Shellder as second in command.

    Ice types: Glalie, Beartic and FRIGIBRAX as the leader.

    Finally….. DRAGONS! Noibat as the leader, followed by AXEW and Gibble!

    Edit: honestly Anihilape has been so good to me as my new ace I might as well make two more and have them learn some dragon, ghost and fighting types moves.
    My ace, Asura, just learned Outrage.

  4. Gallade, i got a level 23 gallade and it's one of my favorite pokemon. I plan on it being my Ace of sorts, but that's just because it's powerful and cool.

  5. Note that instead of the full recipe, all you need for Encounter Power: Normal is Chorizo + Mayonnaise. May save someone some money!

  6. In this game I believe that the obey cap is based on the level your Pokémon were at. If you are capped at 15 and catch a level 20 cyclizar, it won’t listen to you until your next badge. After your next badge, assuming it’s still level 20, it will listen to you because your cap is 20. If you level it up to level 21, it will still listen to you. If your cyclizar levels up to level 21 and you are still capped at level 15, it will not listen to you when you get the level 20 badge

  7. For all looking, curry powder in is the aquiesta supermarket in levincia: home of the electric gym. Youre welcome. it sells for 450

  8. I do some online raid thingys and use the candy plus it’s nice to get some new Pokémon for my dex

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