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PVP game starts at Php 13.00 | Nintia Estate Play to Earn NFT Game | Soral Trading

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Nintia Estate, an NFT play-to-earn game where you can build your own Real Estate empire and start generating passive income.

Always remember, just risk an amount that you can afford to lose and do further research before investing in ANYTHING. Also, have fun! Don’t forget the “game” in the NFT game.
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  1. idol pa content about clash of streamets nft

  2. Mas exciting talaga pag may PVP battle. Check mo rin Partum Meta boss. Isa itong RPG game kung saan kailangan mong mag acquire nang NFT gladiator at ito ang gagamitin mo sa mga PVP battles. Kailangan mo itong itrain para mas lumakas ka. Check mo lang boss. Maganda ang gameplay nito at napaka angas nang mga NFTs.

  3. Sana naman ma-review din ang upcoming game na Dreams Quest NFT. Ito kasi ang nakita kong game na RPG that I think okay din.

  4. You do not want to clean your own property's, you get nothing for it!!! Look at the amount of NE you got at the 2:26 point of the video… 0 NE!!!

  5. okay naman yung game yung devs lang di na nag bubuyback, last feb pa kaya di stable yung token.

  6. Been playing this NFT game ever since na ni share mo bro, bumaba token pero the game is really fun and satisfying, tama ka na "cheapskate" NFT game, and buti di gaanong malaki nilabas ko to focus on the fun of the game haha, medyo di ko lang talaga trip ung pvp nya haha

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