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Reb3l Bots Xoil Wars – Play to Earn NFT Robot Battle Game (Rebel Bots Whitepaper & Art Showcase)

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Rebel Bots have just released their whitepaper that covers all of the gameplay and play to earn aspects of their upcoming game Xoil Wars! Let’s dive in and let me show you 5 reasons why I’m so bullish on this NFT gaming project!

1. Rebel Bots are the main NFT in the Xoil Wars game
2. Each Rebel Bot will become a kingdom lord and will have lands within its kingdom
3. Lands are the NFT players will buy in order to start playing, from each land sale the Rebel Bot owner will get a rev share
4. Land sale is coming next month, To each land the game makers are adding 3 fighting bots to allow smooth onboarding
5. Fighting Bots are the main playable characters and they look dope

Reb3l Bots
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▪ Opensea –
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The projects that I covered and showcased in this video is sponsored. That doesn’t change the fact that I would gladly recommend them based on my personal taste and interest. That being said, whether it’s me or anyone else recommending any projects, please do your own research and never invest any money you cant afford to lose. Even the most stable and highest potential projects can completely fail or get hacked so always be careful and invest smart

0:00 Welcome To Xoil Wars from Rebel Bots
0:53 What is Xoil Wars
3:10 What will make the game successful
4:29 Backstory and Lore
6:18 What Are Kingdoms
7:19 Kingdom Lords
10:03 Lands in Kingdoms
13:53 Fighting Bots
15:17 Classes and Stats
17:12 Cards and Rarity
20:17 Gameplay
21:20 PvE Adventure Mode
22:54 PvP Multiplayer Mode
25:53 Currencies and Resources
29:03 Tokenomics and Roadmap
30:50 Info and Links

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More about R3bel Bots:

Players will be able to use the characters they own in all the games within
the Rebel Bots universe. Among our goals is to create true social games
which enable players to join forces with other players, play both casual
and competitive gameplay vision
– Use gameplay mechanics known to millions of players
– Create simple FTUE (First Time User Experience) for non-NFT players
– Launch the game with the help of thousands of Robot owners
– Create a sustainable Play-to-Earn economy
– Build the Rebel Bots universe in which players can play their characters
in multiple games

The Rebel Bots game consists of thousands of different kingdoms, each
kingdom was built by one of the original, generation 1 Rebel Bots and its
lands are protected by their powers. Like the Rebel Bots, not all Kingdoms
are equal – Robots with rarer traits were able to capture themselves larger
kingdoms with bigger lands

The Kingdom Lords are the Generation 1 Genesis Rebel Bots from the Reb3l Bots collection, this is the most valuable NFT in the game as each Rebel
Bot is a Kingdom Lord. The game will start with 10,000 different Kingdoms
and Kingdom Lords
The Kingdom lord is not a playable character, the Rebel Bot avatar will be
used as the kingdom’s banner and every player who will join the game will
fight under a certain Kingdom banner
The precious land resource will be allocated to each kingdom according to
the rarity rank of the Rebel Bot ruling the kingdom, the Rebel Bots owners
will receive a revenue share from every land sold in their kingdom both in
the initial land sale and in any secondary sale, revenue share percentage
is also determined by the rarity rank of the Rebel Bot

Kingdom Lords are able to generate additional income from royalties received from the Kingdom players (aka Land Owners) as they use their kingdom land to produce Xoil. Of every Xoil produced in Adventure mode players will share a 4% royalty to their kingdom lord and a 6% royalty to the
kingdom’s treasury, treasury will be used as a prize-pool for the Kingdom’s top ranked players at the end of every season
It is up to the kingdom lord to lead his kingdom to victories against other kingdoms by voting each month on the Kingdom card, incentivizing his kingdom players and more. If the Kingdom lord fails to perform the actions
required from him as the ruler of the kingdom his royalties from the specific
month will be transferred to the Kingdom’s treasury

Lands are the game’s second most valuable NFT, without land players aren’t able to play. Lands are initially sold directly to players on the game’s website while secondary land sales will be done on the game’s internal marketplace

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  1. It’s nice to see an influencer doing a video on a project and then actually seeing him accumulating before and after the video…
    Even tho it’s a sponsored vid (there is nothing wrong with this) , I can tell that you genuinely like the project based on your presentation and actions afterwards (purchasing more). I am very bullish on this project myself and don’t get it how it could be under the radar for so long… 🙂
    GJ on the vid and welcome to the resistance! Also if you guys are interested in another cool project, I recommend woodies, its not a game, but the team is amazing and experienced and i see good potential in it too, see you in discord! 🤙

  2. Ok I am in, but need a NFT…

    Can you do a video using rarity tools to show your viewers how to find a decent NFT for Rebelbots??

  3. Reb3l Bots Xoil Wars is like Axie Infinity but with Robots lol its a no brainer also easy for new players all they gotta do is buy land at a fixed price that comes with 3 fighter bots instead of get confused with what Axie to buy at what price 💚

  4. What do you think of Ertha? I looked, it looks very nice. Can you shoot a video for us?

  5. What a great detailed breakdown you did for Rebelbots. Well done ser!!! You made me want to fomo harder!

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