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We talk to the team who traveled across the Philippines, digging into the play-to-earn gaming phenomenon that’s making some people rich, while critics say could be potentially exploitative.

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  1. Man as a everyday play to earn player for the past year they could of did a better job explaining it, also you guys are so late on axie there are far better games out to make more money on now

  2. This is a weird format why didn’t you just make the piece instead of having her interview the people like this?

  3. nice, vice, you're a year late to the party. those people aren't even winning or losing money anymore — because the gaming currency isn't worth sh*t

  4. i told people in 2021 its axie infinity is a pyramid scheme its demand is driven by new people buying more and more but nobody listened one thing vice missed here is the abuse these scholarship managers exploited girls for nudes and other things it was posted by the axie infity team too they knew about this but did nothing

  5. As a person who is knowledgeable in investment, I already knew this was a Ponzi Scheme. That being said, I tried to warn many people not to invest in this and they laughed at me. Look who is crying now? 😂🤣

  6. This piece is a little bit underinformed
    Almost all of the money was recovered pretty soon.

  7. You work for 40yrs to have $1M in your retirement,meanwhile some people are putting just $10K in a meme coin from just few months ago and now they are multimillionaires.

  8. We'll boycott and dislike all your videos that'll include those homosexual staff of yours

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  10. Also the only people who lost money were the people who owned the NFTs not the "laborers". And if the game was fun, then it could have a sustainable economy. Also, people forget, in traditional gaming, people lose 100% of their money.

  11. Stop taking agency away from these people because they live in the Philippines. These people are just as smart as you and can make decisions for themselves. It's so messed up that the self righteous libs think they're so much better than the people of the Philippines, that they need to protect them from Axie infinity. It's actually not crazy at all to believe that someone could earn enough SLP to buy their own team of Axies. MOST people can't afford land. It's WAY overpriced. However, one of my Scholars bought herself a new laptop with SLP, and then just stopped playing when it wasn't the best economic decision for her. She started spending her time freelancing again. That simple. Comparing this to sharecropping is an absolutely asinine comparison and so insulting to the people of the Philippines, as if they have no other options. That was the problem with sharecropping, they had no other options and that's how they were exploited. Axie gave people who had no other options, because of COVID, another option. And again, not even close to out of reach for people buy their own team from the SLP they earn and then rent the team out themselves if they wanted. But as with any other business, it takes some initial investment to scale. The scholarship model gave people who couldn't make that initial investment, an opportunity to earn, even though they couldn't afford the NFTs. Otherwise, they would have just been out of work because of COVID.

  12. BTW the axie coin is down 99.99% now… glad I stay away from these stupid trends.

  13. Crypto is said to be unhackable, because of proof of work…….but there are avenues of hackability. This should be the first siren to warn people of cryto's volitility beyond its market value. Criminality just needs to be one step ahead of the safeguards to make thievery happen. Keep that in mind. Digital safeguards are destructible by digital means. Its a matter of time.

  14. Great article guys. I'm rooted firmly in the metaverse, and I don't think that many people know the extent to which these games are still in their infancy. Play2Earn is too tedious to be economically viable with the current age of the ecosystem. Gaming is supposed to be fun. So, as AAA studios like Superfarm, Gala, Illuvium, Star Atlas etc start to roll out their AAA games for mass adoption, we move from Play2Earn to Play&Earn. Games will be fun, easily accessible, financially viable, community-governed, and wallet integration will be seamless. This is really the start of something big which could transform many more lives as global adoption continues.

  15. It seems like stuff like this can only work. In 3rd world countries where their currency is low on the global market but good for the people who actually benefited from it

  16. most of them are fake. they make it so you cant cash out ive played maybe 50 games that said they pay you for playing maybe on 3 or 4 were real and i got about 10$ over a week or two but after you cash out a few times you earn at a slower rate which makes it not worth it

  17. I got into an online argument with a Crypto bro who was bragging about his investment in a play-to-earn game that "pays kids in the Philippines more than their parents". When I pointed out that that was child labor, he called me close-minded and told me to stop talking to him. It was such a perfect encapsulation of Crypto evangelism.

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