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STARSHIP GUILD $STAR Token Launch! Play to Earn NFT Gaming +250% APY Guaranteed?!

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0:00 What’s goin on, theAPEcoach from 6 Pack Gaming where we bring you the best Play to Earn NFT Games and new Metaverse Projects!

STARSHIP GUILD $STAR Token Launch! Play to Earn NFT Gaming +250% APY Guaranteed?! (HUGE OPPORTUNITY!)

1:50 What is Starship Guild?
We’re a “Play-2-Earn” gaming guild building the economic infrastructure for billions of people to prosper through blockchain gaming. Our token is $STAR

2:30 What is the $STAR token?
Each $STAR token is backed by a growing treasury of assets (NFTs, digital land, game items, etc) and the cashflow produced from deploying these assets in the metaverse.

4:15 Starship Guild Growth Strategy:
– Scholarships
– Tools
– Investing
– Financial Services

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8:26 Starship Guild Whitepaper

9:00 $STAR Tokenomics Overview

12:25 Starship Guild Scholars

13:49 Starship Guild Summary
Starship Guild is paving the way for a new type of tokenizing, one where we can:
Fundraise everyday
Accomplished through the “bonding mechanism”

Own our own liquidity
Accomplished through the bonding of LP tokens
Which means we’ll generate income when $STAR is traded

Automate vesting schedules without complicated lockups
Accomplished through rebasing

Fair launch and “team tokens”
It’s fair because $STAR is only minted through bonds
The team allocation of tokens happens as a portion of the minted $STAR and aligns long term interests of the core team with the platform

Offer High Staking APY
Through the bonding and minting mechanism

14:27 $STAR Token Fair Launch Details:
$STAR will be a completely fair launched token.
There was no pre-mine, no whitelist, no private sale to VCs or any other entities. The only way $STAR comes into existence is through the minting process.
Everyone, including the core team, will be able to access and buy the $STAR token at the same time through the Starship Guild website.

Launch Details
1) Launch date will be February 10th at 9:30am PT.
You can access the mint through our website,
We are launching on Ethereum mainnet first. We will eventually integrate with Avalanche (and others) to offer more accessibility to $STAR.

2) We will offer $STAR at $4 a coin for 3 days or $50MM raised, whatever happens first. After that, the price floats.
At close, this would be a fully diluted valuation of $55MM. Less if we don’t hit the raise cap.

3) We’re guaranteeing at least 250% APY for $STAR staking in the first year.
Depending on the success of the launch and price appreciation, ideally we will build up a reserve to allow up to 1,000% APY for longer periods of time.
– Note: Staking APY is paid in $STAR

4) We will dedicate ~30% of the market cap of the initial sale to offering deep liquidity.

5) A short time after the initial sale closes, we will incentivize the minting of $STAR LP tokens to raise the LP pool to ~50% of the market cap (which should have positive pricing pressure).

17:56 How to Buy $STAR Tokens in the fair launch
– Closes Feb 13th @ 9:30AM PT

20:39 Who Runs Starship Guild?


== Starship Guild Info ==

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  1. Hi Coach, thank you for the video, i would like to know if you have any idea how to sell or swap back the star token to another currency ? I have been try to write to support on their tweets and discord for that matter but no reply, please if you can help 🙏 thank you

  2. Starship Guild is a heck of an amazing project! Good to see you join it ♥️

  3. Iv been loving your videos, plz let me be a pegaxy scholar I'm tryna to rent to race untill I can buy and its taking forever

  4. Seems very interesting thing and also could help a lot of people

  5. thank you Coach for sharing this new opportunity/guild!!!
    I like how they are passionate in making their scholars lives better
    and also their guild tools are helpful for both scholars and managers in managing their assets

  6. People …smash the like button, this AAA level of info ..thanks Coach…new comer to your channel , but very happy with not having missed the starship Guild opportunity. Blessings

  7. Mucha ayuda a la comunidad , gracias por tus vídeos , continúa así… Grande ,⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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