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StepN Deep Dive #2- The New Move-To-Earn Crypto App | Tokenomics of GST & GMT. How you Earn & Spend!

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StepN is a new concept being explored!

You can play to earn, but now you can move to earn!
Every time you walk, run or jog, you get to earn GST & GMT.
Lets find out about them!

You can find them right here-

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  1. This project is for geeks. Geeks aren’t that sport oriented. I think mixing two tokens, makes this project way too complicated. If we need implementation, let’s keep it simple! My sister does lots of sports and I guarantee, she won’t be using this complicated setup. What was the max. supply of GST?

  2. How does the app know that you are runny or not? Do you have to record video and submit to them to prove that you are actually running?? Otherwise I'll give the phone to my kangaroo and let him run for me… Hehehe.. explain please?

  3. Great video! Can you tell me if i buy sneakers with mint 2 do i need to pay something else or just sol price?

  4. Hi sir can you further explain about the gas fees on transfering and purchasing?

  5. How do you create value? the all system is based on the assumption that more people will join over time and buy more sneakers. If not it all falls apart… how do you make money by walking? doesn't make sense if you think about it

  6. Are the shoes still worth buying… they are 11 solana. How much can i earn per 1 hour walk? Thank you

  7. TheRipTyde here, Thanks for the really good deep dive on Stepn been following your Star Atlas content updates too

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