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SUMMONER 2022 | PLAY 2 EARN | NFT GAME | How to guide

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2022 is the year of NFT games! Here is an upcoming game called “Summoner” under Polygon.

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  1. Nice review lods. 1 week na ako naglalaro nito buti nalang napanuod kita lods.

  2. thank u so much ninong,,sarap pala sa feeling ma shout out😊😍ako po si ma'am yhanie🥰

  3. solid review master! supporter 🤣
    background pa lang ng game redflag na., daming game na gumamit such as dragonary pa last year., lol

  4. Still waiting sa Mir4 Review. ang pinaka legit na Free to Play game na nalaro ko.

  5. Lods pareview naman yung Pokemoney dami padin shiller kahit dami redflag

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