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TanqR's SECRET STRATEGY To Win EVERY GAME In Roblox Bedwars…

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Today in Roblox Bedwars, I use TanqR’s strategies he uses as a pro to win EVERY GAME…

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  1. keep it up people keep on trying to be tanqr and fully messing up and its literally free wins cuz like they didn’t practice his strats enough

  2. yes the team gen strat make your team drop iron so ur more geared than everyone so its so easy

  3. bruh why does bedwars give mobile players a special shiftlock thats just annoying, the mobile shiftlock just blocks players from zooming in and out and it glitches me out while walking

  4. "How to break every bed" Well, that may work in some cases but you need to know something if you block your own head and feet and you are on top of the void, you most likely will get suffocated since the fact that if they have blocks. They can block you in-between your own blocks above and below you.

  5. TanqR’s SECRET method… he breaks bed from under the map that he uses every video
    TanqR’s secret aimbot: just hit the shots

  6. him: AUTOCLICKER me: u know there is a thing called butterfly clicking and jitter clicking .-.

  7. How did you do the control shift lock hack again?? I dont get it bro it didnt work for me!

  8. Why does he say he has reviewed 100,000 of tanqr's video, even though tanqr has 799 videos

  9. I don't have enough robux for the mask and shiftlock anf one tap method dosen't work for me maybe cause i am trash.

  10. I feel bad for those kids who thought he was actually turning into tanqr but he is good

  11. Hello ur my fav YouTuber
    . I love bedwars . I always wanted the eldertree kit but I don’t have Robux lol. Keep Filming ur the best.

  12. Sword studio pls stop showing tanqrs stradegy bc tanqr dosent like people telling or showing his stradegy pls think about it if you change ur mind

  13. Tip: one tap is good for people have good pc and good internet it works on ipad too if ur storage is good

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