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the BEST Play to Earn in Decentraland with no investment (GolfCraft)

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GolfCraft is the best Play To Earn in Decentraland with no investment at all. In this video, we are going to talk about it, and discover the new things that they have added. Watch the entire video and start getting your first NFT and wearables.

Q: Is GolfCraft free?
A: Yes. You don’t need any investment.

Q: What can I earn?
A: It depends on how much you play. Most people are earning wearables, golf clubs, and other cool NFTs.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Join their Discord Server:

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GolfCraft website ►
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Voxters website ►
Compicactus website ►

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  1. I have some questions about the Voxters wearable.

    How can i can setup different looks if i have Voxters wearable and voxters NFTs?

    And how can i use the Voxters NFT on my parsel land?

  2. wow i'm so happy mr fredrick introduced me to this and in just 2 weeks i have earned 6500 mana from this game on the alpha program that's huge guys hit him on the E MAIL ABOVE and start earning i'm getting a lambo in the next 3 months no doubts i receives all this mana in my metamask wallet thank me later

  3. Hello, I also shoot decentraland videos, I'll definitely wait for you on my channel.

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