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📚 Interested to earn $999 (in TITA)? Learn how to earn $TITA in this video!

Step 1: Buy and Equip NFTs 🛒
Step 2: Fight Monsters and Titans ⚔️👹
Step 3: Earn Medals from Titans, and win rewards from Investor Rank 🎖💎
Step 4: Further increase $TITA earning with more NFTs and rarer NFTs 💎📈
Step 5: Profit! 💲💲💲

🧐 Incredibly simple, incredibly lucrative! You will make tons of $TITA in no time!

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Join Daily Airdrop

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  1. I been toying to buy a chest to start playing since Monday but it won't even process does anyone have any troubleshooting tips

  2. Killuacba | CSG <3 — 今天15:17

    that is not a solution, bc u drop the tita usually in SEA not LATAM so, mostly of the time when we try to claim ,there is no pool, also, the little u put, is gone in matter of minutes, literally 2-3 minutes.

    u should let us use the the G-tita to audit whit no claim, also use gtita to buy energys. if not, tita will go to 0 soon

    ggm — 今天15:30

    Players have 1000K demand and you only provide 100K. Can I understand that you forced our assets to shrink by 90%? Are you robbers?

    At the same time, you sell gems in cash, which reduces the consumption of titan and causes the currency price to fall. You are doing it wrong. Now let's take the loss?

  3. So you can earn nft hero just by playing and earning it by drops?correct me if i am wrong thanks

  4. Очень интересная игра оторваться нельзя!!!🔥🔥🔥

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